Template:UB Owns Console

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Nintendo Switch.png This user owns a Nintendo Switch.



This template merges the former templates: UB Owns Nintendo Console, UB Owns Nintendo Handheld, UB Owns PS3 and UB Owns Xbox originally created by Sky.


{{UB Owns Nintendo Handheld|<Console abbreviation>}}


This userbox may be customized to display a different console. Replace <Console abbreviation> in the above code with one of the options below to change the template.
Home consoles:

Portable Consoles:

Other Consoles:

Additionally, the colors of this userbox may be customized:

{{UB Owns Console|<Console abbreviation>|<border>|<imagebg>|<textbg>|<textcolor>}}

Replace the appropriate fields with the desired color. If you don't want to change one of the colors, use its default, which is listed below next to the field.

  • border (#777777)- the border color around the userbox
  • imagebg (#777777)- the background color behind the console image
  • textbg (#aaaaaa)- the background color behind the text
  • textcolor (#000000)- the color of the text


Nintendo GameCube.png This user owns a Nintendo GameCube.
{{UB Owns Console|GCN}}
Nintendo 64.png This user owns a Nintendo 64.
{{UB Owns Console|N64|#440000|#cc0000|#CC9999}}
Nintendo-ds-original.png This user owns a Nintendo DS.
{{UB Owns Console|DS}}
Game Boy Advance.png This user owns a Game Boy Advance.
{{UB Owns Console|GBA|#483D8B|#6A5ACD|#7B6BDE}}
PS3 Logo.png This user owns a PlayStation 3.
{{UB Owns Console|PS3|black|DimGrey|black|silver}}
Xbox One Logo.png This user owns a Xbox One.
{{UB Owns Console|XBOne|#004400|#004400|#77cc77}}