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Blanca NH Character Icon.png This user's favorite villager is <please enter a villager name>.



{{UB Fav Villager|<Name>}}

Note: the first field must be filled out in order for the userbox to display properly.

Replace <Name> with the name of your favorite villager in the Animal Crossing series.


The New Horizons icon of a villager will appear by default. If the villager is not in New Horizons, an image for the most recent Animal Crossing title will be used. To use a specific image, or if the image is not loading correctly, the parameter "file" can be used:

{{UB Fav Villager|<Name>|<File>}}

Replace <File> with the desired image code.

Additionally, the colors of this userbox may be customized:

{{UB Fav Villager|<Name>|<border>|<imagebg>|<textbg>|<text>}}

Replace the appropriate fields with the desired color. If you don't want to change one of the colors, use its default, which is listed below next to the field.

  • border (#03A179)- the border around the userbox
  • imagebg (#03A179) - the color behind the image in the left box
  • textbg (#ffffff)- the color behind the text
  • text (#000000)- the color of the text


Peanut NH Villager Icon.png This user's favorite villager is Peanut.
{{UB Fav Villager|Peanut}}
Pierce NL.png This user's favorite villager is Pierce.
{{UB Fav Villager|Pierce|file=[[File:Pierce NL.png|35px]]|#808080|#ffffff|#F48634|#ffffff}}