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Julian receives his time capsule from the player

Time capsules are items in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Unlike most items, time capsules are carried in the letter slots. villagers may ask the player to bury it sometimes. When the player does so, the crack that shows the player where it is buried will disappear the next day. The crack will only come back when the villager asks the player to retrieve it.

Also, when it is still held in the inventory, it is possible to read the time capsule and take the item inside. If it is opened, it cannot be closed again. If the player chooses to open it, the villager will be upset with the player and take the time capsule back. When it is opened, the option of confessing to the villager will disappear the next day if not told on that day.

A time capsule cannot be made by the player as it is a special villager interaction. It is advised to bury the time capsule where trees and flowers cannot grow. If the player plants a tree or flower on the place of the time capsule, it is lost forever and cannot be retrieved even if the player removes the flora.


  • If the villager who made the player bury the time capsule moves away, they will send a letter to the player who buried it to open it and keep the item inside.
  • When time-traveling, the villager may "forget" about the time capsule.
  • The time capsule appears in the letter slots with a unique icon.
  • Like the lost item and key, it is a unique villager "quest".
  • If the player agrees to bury the time capsule and does not complete the task, the friendship with the villager and the player will decrease. This is the same effect when the player opens a package or letter a villager told the player to deliver to another villager, or if it was not delivered on time.