Tom Nook's Chain Jingles

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Tom Nook's Chain Jingles
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Game(s) Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Owned by Tom Nook

Tom Nook has a variety of jingles that have the same loop, but like the Town Tune, have different instruments. Tom Nook's first installment, Nook's Cranny, plays a lazy tune with simple instruments like Redd's shop. Nook 'N' Go plays a fast paced tune (in this case a bossa nova) like one would hear in a Japanese convenience store. Nookway has an ordinary supermarket tune that is relaxed, but is jumpy at points. Nookington's has an even more relaxed melody, with trumpets. At the last ten minutes before closing time at the store, the Town Gate Fanfare is played by violins and is softer.

They are succeeded in Animal Crossing: New Leaf by Timmy and Tommy's Chain Jingles.


Animal Crossing (GCN)[edit]

Wild World/City Folk[edit]