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Nook Points redirects here. For the secondary currency in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, see Nook Miles.

Nook's Point-Tracking Machine, known as Tom Nook Point System in Wild World, is a small machine that can be found in Tom Nook's store in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk. Its purpose is to record the number of Bells spent by the player in the store and to encourage spending by offering discounts and rewards depending on the amount of Bells spent.

For each 100 Bells spent, the player earns 1 'Nook Point'. Any extra Bells from a purchase that are not converted into Nook Points are lost and are not carried on to the next purchase. For example, an item bought for 880 Bells earns the player 8 points.

In Animal Crossing: Wild World[edit]

The kiosk found in Wild World

The Tom Nook Point System is a small rectangular machine that is located lower left in Nook's Cranny, upper right in Nook 'n' Go, and lower right in Nookway and Nookington's. Upon interaction, the Tom Nook Point System allows players to view their point total, see their status, or get general help regarding the machine.

Status Points Needed Equivalent in Bells Store Discount Reward
Bronze 300 Points 30,000 Bells None Nook's Cranny Model
Silver 5,000 Points 500,000 Bells 5% Nook 'n' Go
Gold 10,000 Points 1,000,000 Bells 10% Nookway
Platinum 20,000 Points 2,000,000 Bells 20% Nookington's

Rewards are received from letters sent by the system itself.

In Animal Crossing: City Folk[edit]

The kiosk found in City Folk

Aside from being changed to a green color and having its name changed to the Nook's Point-Tracking Machine, there are two notable additions to the TNPS in City Folk. The player can claim three free 'visitor points' each day (five if this is done in another town), and there are Nintendo-themed rewards available in exchange for points. After the player purchases a reward, the number of points remaining to spend on items is lowered, but not the player's overall points. This means that the player will remain on a certain points status, even if their points balance is below the required number. Only one reward can be purchased per day.

All rewards from Wild World can also be obtained in City Folk; Points status' are also the same.

Item Name Points Equivalent in Bells Item Type Origins Description
Banana 500 Points 50,000 Bells Furniture Mario Kart series A stuffed smiling banana that is used to trip enemies up.
Triple Shell 800 Points 80,000 Bells Furniture Mario Kart series These red koopa shells are fired to knock over enemies.
Yoshi's Egg 1,000 Points 100,000 Bells Furniture Yoshi Series Yoshi can lay these eggs. When the item is tapped, it bounces, and Yoshi's voice is heard.
Bad Bro Moustache 2,500 Points 250,000 Bells Accessory Wario Series Mario's arch-rival Wario's nose and moustache
Toad Hat 3,000 Points 300,000 Bells Helmet Mario character- Toad The head of Toad, a friend of Mario
Peach's Parasol 4,000 Points 400,000 Bells Umbrella Mario character- Peach A favourite accessory of Peach, Mario's love interest.
Hero's Clothes 5,000 Points 500,000 Bells Clothing Legend of Zelda character- Link Clothes of Link, protagonist of the Legend of Zelda series.
Varia Suit 5,000 Points 500,000 Bells Clothing Metroid character- Samus Armor of Samus, protagonist of the Metroid series.
Wario Hat 5,000 Points 500,000 Bells Hat Wario Series Mario's arch-rival Wario's hat.
Samus Mask 6,000 Points 600,000 Bells Helmet Metroid character- Samus Helmet from Samus' Varia armour.
Hero's Hat 6,000 Points 600,000 Bells Hat Legend of Zelda character- Link Link's hat, hair and ears.
Majora's Mask 6,000 Points 600,000 Bells Helmet Legend of Zelda character- Skull Kid The mask of one of Link's toughest enemies.
Midna's Mask 6,500 Points 650,000 Bells Helmet Legend of Zelda character- Midna The hat and hair of Link's friend & assistant, Midna.
Kart 10,000 Points 1,000,000 Bells Furniture Mario Kart Wii Vehicle Mario's red go-kart.

Item Gallery[edit]

Point Specials[edit]

Once a month (on average), in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk, there will be a 'Point Special' day. It will always be on a weekend day with no event taking place, and will be announced on the Bulletin Board three days in advance. During the day, the player will receive five times the normal number of points for purchases both in-store and via the catalog, allowing them to increase their membership level more easily. In Animal Crossing: Wild World, a glitch prevents Point Specials from occurring until a second human character is created in town.


  • In Animal Crossing: Wild World, lazy villagers appear to be under the impression that there is a person in the Tom Nook Point System who performs its actions.
  • In Animal Crossing: City Folk, it is possible for a Point Special to be advertised on the Bulletin Board as occurring on December 25th. However, no Point Special will take place due to the store being closed on this date.
  • In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Timmy or Tommy say that they have no point system, that means that the Tom Nook Point System has no successor. However, fortune cookies allow the player to receive Nintendo-themed items. The catalog machine resembles the Tom Nook Point System.