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This article is about the structures in Doubutsu no Mori e+. For the town decorations in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, see Public works project.
A mushroom decoration

Town Decorations are structures that can be constructed around town in Doubutsu no Mori e+. Decorations can be constructed through Tom Nook, who will ask which acre to build each one in. After a location is selected and the construction cost is paid, the decoration will appear in place of a Signpost in the selected acre. Players can also order decorations from the Object Delivery Service on the game's official website, which will generate a password to give to Tom Nook.

Only three random decorations will initially be available from Tom Nook; all others must be obtained from the website. The Footprints, Egg and Mushroom decorations can only be obtained from the website, and will never appear in the initial selection. Only one decoration can be built per day.

List of decorations[edit]

Project Construction
cost (in Bells)
Town Decoration Footprints.jpg Footprints 19,000 3x3
Town Decoration Well.jpg Well 14,000 2x2
Town Decoration Gas Lamp.jpg Gas Lamp 14,000 1x1
Town Decoration Mushroom.jpg Mushroom 24,000 3x3
Town Decoration Public Clock.jpg Public Clock 18,000 1x1
Town Decoration Stonehenge.jpg Stonehenge 26,000 4x4
Town Decoration Egg.jpg Egg 32,000 3x3
Town Decoration Geoglyph.jpg Geoglyph 20,000 4x4
Town Decoration Pipes.jpg Pipes 17,000 3x3
Town Decoration Floral Clock.jpg Floral Clock 28,000 3x3
Town Decoration Windmill.jpg Wind Turbine 18,000 1x1
Town Decoration Fountain.jpg Fountain 30,000 3x3
Town Decoration Helipad.jpg Helipad 15,000 3x3
Town Decoration Windpump.jpg Windpump 27,000 1x1
Town Decoration Guidepost.jpg Guidepost 13,000 1x1



  • Both the Egg and the Mushroom decorations are references to the Mario series, with the Egg resembling a Yoshi egg, and the Mushroom being styled after the mushroom power-up in the series.

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