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It has been proposed that Uchi be renamed and moved to Sisterly.
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It has been proposed that Uchi be renamed and moved to Sisterly.
Please share your thoughts on the matter at this article's talk page.
"She's like a strong older sister you can always rely on! No matter what, she'll have your back!"
Isabelle, talking about an Uchi villager, Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Cherry, an Uchi villager that appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Uchi[nb 1][nb 2] villagers are a type of female character introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The Japanese word "Uchi" refers to the personal pronoun these characters use in the Japanese version, which comes across as informal and is mainly used by girls. Sometimes called the "big sister" or "sisterly" personality, it is similar to the Cranky personality in previous Animal Crossing games, coming across as blunt, rude, and belittling to others, but also caring and empathetic deep down. They are thus considered the female counterpart to cranky villagers. They wake up at 11:00 AM and go to bed at 3:00 AM. There are currently 24 Uchi villagers, 5 of which appeared in the previous games with a different personality; Uchi is thus the least common personality.



Uchi villagers are often depicted as stubborn, rude, and easily offended at first glance, in a similar manner to cranky villagers, who also have a hostile behaviour. Uchi villagers also speak with gruff, accented voices, similar to the deep voices cranky villagers use, in reference to their "tough" attitudes. As a result of this, they are seen as a sort of tomboy, as they occasionally talk about enjoying fighting, and express an interest in participating in 'turf wars'. In addition to this, they might give the player a petition called 'Tomboys Are People Too' which further supports this. Despite this violent exterior, however, Uchi villagers are kind and empathetic deep down. They may act like an older sister when befriended, and may even give the player medicine (or in New Horizons, the DIY recipe for it) if talked to while stung by wasps.

In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Uchi villagers lose most of the empathetic and sisterly charm of their personality to embrace instead a more tomboyish, tough, mischievous and sarcastic inclination. As such, more than the "big sister" stereotype, they seem more akin to a somewhat watered-down image of the Japanese sukeban, or "boss girl". Natural partygoers and thrill-seekers, Uchi villagers despise boredom and show little concerns for social conventions - eager to shout while waiting for food in the restaurant and presenting themselves as the classic loafer and cocky student at school, or joshingly asking the player to switch roles while working at the shops. However, they still show traces of their caring nature, worrying for the player's health and questioning their busy schedule if talked in their homes.

In the Japanese version of the series, uchi villagers speak with the Kansai region's dialect, which is distinguished from the standard Japanese dialect by elongated vowels and differing pitch intonations (emulated in their Animalese vocals). The Kansai dialect also has somewhat different grammar from standard Japanese, such as the usage of "uchi" as a personal pronoun; the English localization replicates this by having uchi villagers use slang such as abbreviating "-ing" to "-in'" and "them" to "'em".


Uchi villagers find it easy to get along with most villagers: Peppy and Normal villagers will admire uchi villagers and see them as an older sister, and often they have common interests. Jock villagers will also admire how rigid and tough they are, allowing them to get along easily as well. Uchi villagers will also express admiration for smug and snooty villagers for their elegant lifestyles, but may come into conflict with them if the wrong things are said. Cranky villagers will directly clash with uchi villagers, due to both personalities being strongly opinionated. If their opinions match, however, uchi villagers can become close friends with a cranky villager due to both having hostile personalities.


Below are some (not all) quotes made by uchi villagers.

  • Oh! Hey! ...There's a rumor going about you. Ya heard? Everyone's saying <player's name> is quite the <random gossip topic>! I kind of see what they're talking about, <catchphrase>!"
  • "You ever have those nights when you just can't sleep? At times like that...you know what to do! Try a carrot as a midnight snack! Peel it real nice, and crunch it up nice and slow. Let that day's stress roll off as you crunch! It'll fill you up, and you'll sleep clean on till morning, <catchphrase>!"
  • "I wanna talk to you, <player's name>... Do you think you can make it so you never lose in a fight? 'Cause you can. Let me break it down for you... As much as possible, don't fight fights you can't win! Pretty simple, don't you think? Of course if you're protecting someone, that's one thing... But otherwise, sometimes running is OK!"

Uchi villagers[edit]















  1. Japanese: 姉貴 Hepburn: AnekiBig Sis
  2. "Uchi" is a term used by the community to refer to this personality, as it does not yet have an officially localized name.