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Since the announcement of Animal Crossing: New Leaf in 2010, the Animal Crossing series has been featured on various social media accounts operated by Nintendo. As of 2020, official social media accounts for the Animal Crossing series exist on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Additionally, the series is featured in various posts on Nintendo's official accounts on said platforms, as well as on their YouTube channel.

It should be noted that this page does not cover non-English Animal Crossing social media accounts if an English alternative exists.


There are three official English-language Animal Crossing Twitter accounts: The North American @animalcrossing (Isabelle) and @pocket_camp (Pocket_camp), and the UK-based @AC_Isabelle (Isabelle UK).


Profile picture for @animalcrossing as of August 2020

@animalcrossing regularly posts content relating to the Animal Crossing series, including gameplay screenshots and trailers. The account is fictionally operated by Isabelle, and its posts are from her in-universe point of view and are in-character. The account was created in April 2013 and was "operated" by Isabelle until prior to the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, when Tom Nook became the fictional account operator, tweeting in character like Isabelle. In July 2020 Isabelle returned as the fictional account operator.

Notable posts

Caption Image Date Notes
"Exciting news, everyone! Tom Nook just shared that a new mainline Animal Crossing game is currently in development for #NintendoSwitch and coming in 2019!" NH Reveal Teaser Artwork.png September 13, 2018 First tweet mentioning the then-untitled Animal Crossing: New Horizons after its reveal in a Nintendo Direct
Link: [1]
"Only 8 days left until I join Super #SmashBrosUltimate! I’m so excited! The mayor has been teaching me a lot in preparation. I hope you’ll show us your support!" Villager and Isabelle.jpg November 29, 2018 Features unique artwork for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate featuring Isabelle and Villager along with various Animal Crossing characters in the background
Link: [2]
"What a time to start making my Twitter emoji debut, hm? That's right! You can use certain hashtags to add an emoji of yours truly. It's only available for a limited time, so use it lots while you can! #AnimalCrossing #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons" Twitter Hashflag.jpg March 16, 2020 Announces a Tom Nook-themed hashflag for #AnimalCrossing, #ACNH, and #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons
Link: [3]
"Hello, hello! Departures for my Deserted Island Getaway Package begin tomorrow! I can hardly wait! Timmy and Tommy will check everyone in, and I'll be just ahead of you, waiting at your destination." Tom Nook Deserted Island Twitter.jpg March 19, 2020 Features a unique image of Tom Nook on a deserted island
Link: [4]
Replying to @animalcrossing
"Speaking of which, feel free to use these T-shirt and flag custom designs if you like them!"
Tom Nook Flag NH Design.jpgTom Nook Tee NH Design.jpg April 17, 2020 Features two official Tom Nook-themed custom designs
Link: [5]
"The NookPhone is a must for island life, yes,yes![sic] I hope you’re making the most of its many features, just like Timmy and Tommy!" NookTails Strip 4 EN.jpg May 4, 2020 Features a comic titled "NookTails" starring Tom Nook and the Nooklings
Link: [6]
Bring a bit of island life fun to your day with these #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons themed wallpapers! We hope you will enjoy using them! #ACNH"
NH Twitter Wallpaper 1.jpgNH Twitter Wallpaper 2.jpg
NH Twitter Wallpaper 3.jpgNH Twitter Wallpaper 4.jpg
May 12, 2020 Features four New Horizons-themed desktop wallpapers
Link: [7]
"Why, would you believe we now have more than one million followers?! Yes, yes, it's true! A big thanks to everyone for joining us here. I hope you continue to enjoy our Twitter posts, as well as your deserted-island getaways!" 1M Followers on Twitter.jpg May 19, 2020 Features unique artwork celebrating one million followers
Link: [8]
"Mr. Nook is so thoughtful! To celebrate my return to Twitter, he's made it so folks can use an emoji of me. I admit, it is a bit embarrassing. Still, if you'd like to see my emoji, just use the hashtags #AnimalCrossing, #ACNH, and #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons." Twitter Isabelle Emoji.jpg July 3, 2020 Announces an Isabelle-themed hashflag for #AnimalCrossing, #ACNH, and #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons
Link: [9]
"Happy summer, everyone! Don’t forget that our first fireworks show begins tonight at 7 p.m. You can watch it from islands in both the northern and southern hemispheres, so please be sure to join us. It’s going to be a blast! Hee-hee!" Fireworks Show NH Twitter Artwork.jpg August 2, 2020 Features unique artwork by Sprinklr Publishing of a Fireworks Show in New Horizons
Link: [10]


Notable posts


Notable posts


Only one official English-language Animal Crossing account exists on Facebook: the European @AnimalCrossing (Animal Crossing). As of August 2020, the account is inactive, having only a single post which welcomes users to its page, dated September 24, 2014.


A single official Animal Crossing account exists on Instagram: the Japanese @animalcrossing_official (Animal Crossing: New Horizons), created shortly after the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The account account posts video slideshows of screenshots each day of the villager whose birthday is on the corresponding day.


While no official Animal Crossing YouTube channel exists, Nintendo's official channel regularly uploads Animal Crossing-themed videos, including game and update trailers and gameplay videos. Additionally, various videos are linked to by the Animal Crossing Twitter accounts, and some trailers are also aired as advertisements on both YouTube and broadcast television.

Animal Crossing-related YouTube videos

Note: New Animal Crossing videos are regularly uploaded the Nintendo YouTube channel. As a result of this, this list may not be up to date.
Title Thumbnail Upload Date Type Notes
Nintendo 3DS - Animal Crossing E3 Trailer - June 7, 2011 Trailer E3 2011 trailer of the then-untitled Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Exploring August - Nintendo Switch - August 3, 2020 Gameplay showcase Showcases various events and activities available in August in Animal Crossing: New Horizons