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Big Top

His name can be translated as "Great C". Curiously, c is the third letter of the alphabet, as he is the "third" among the superheroes-villagers.

(Interestingly, C is not the first or second letter of the alphabet, nor is it the fourth letter nor any letter after that. Makes you think - SuperHamster)

(I like how this suggests that Big Top being the third superhero villager is why C is the third letter of the alphabet.)


The haunting "K.K. Dirge" plays in his room to add to the creepy effect. Oddly enough, Gaston also has a hamster cage in his room, perhaps to experiment on.


His initial phrase, "toots" may refer to when a gorilla releases a series of flatulence bursts (a trait shared by humans, but for trivial censorship reasons, the player can't release flatulence in the games).

(Wrong "toots")


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Mushrooms are items in the Animal Crossing series. They can be found near trees during Mushrooming Season. There are five different types, each worth different amounts of Bells. Ofcorse the round mushroom is the most appearing one. Personly I do store them in my closet, one of each, after November The Mushroom Season. In order to collect the Mushroom Series, you must;- Ocassionally some Mushrooms are furniture, and this furniture will be a part of the mushroom sereis. Enjoy!