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Hello. I am a huge AC fan, and am excited to be part of the Wiki. I will be updating this often to make it's layout better, as this is just the basic version of my page. I recently had my town corrupt, and I had to start over.

Character Name: Ami

Town Name: Mercury


Former Villagers[edit]

Public Works Projects Built[edit]

  • Campsite
  • Museum Renovation
  • The Roost
  • Dream Suite
  • Jungle Gym

Suggested Public Works Projects[edit]

  • Jungle Gym (Suggested by Clay)
  • Modern Bridge (Suggested by Clay)
  • Yield Sign (Suggested by Rory)
  • Lighthouse (Suggested by Drago)

Other Info[edit]

  • Ordinance: Beautiful Town
  • Starting Fruit: Orange
  • Favorite furniture set: Ice