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"Life is gold and variable, use it wisely with love."
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I am Angel Chavez Martinez or AngelCM for short, from San Salvador, El Salvador. I am one more user of Animal Crossing Encyclopedia to get along very well with everyone. I have been a Nintendo fan since my childhood.

Name Origin

My full name is David Angel Chavez Martinez as I have 27 characters in four words, it's impossible to put it largely and unnecessary to identify myself, nor do I put "Angel" as a nickname by being very common. Thus I use my 7-character-nickname which is AngelCM; the nickname AngelCM is derived from my complete name by one calling name "Angel" and two initial genealogy surnames "C" and "M". "AngelChavezCo" as a username, is my alternative nickname which I use in some wikis like this.

The name Angel comes from my mother and some members of the Contreras (my maternal family) when I was a newborn calling me "My beautiful angel...", and since that moment it was my perfect name to be named legally. When someone calls me first with the positive name that soon everybody calls me, it will be my identity name permanently. Therefore, my name "Angel" was marked legally as a name, and it's a neutral-gender name which means "Angelos" or "Angelin" from the Greek word meaning "messenger"; another definition for appearence as demonstrates the Angel of Independence monument in Mexico City, the name took inspiration from the Greek goddess of victory in any such as justice, love and responsibility, Nike as shown the Valiant Statue in New Horizons; and referent to its one of favorite largest cities of the world, Los Angeles, CA.

However, I disliked the name David from my biological father by being general with my genealogy dad as in my first legal name; The name David came from the male Hebrew name, “Dawid” meaning Beloved. I though I was unworthy to call me "David" in my infancy, but with the time when I investigated deeply about the name, my first father was right to choose "David" because I was born with male genitals as the Michaelangelo's statue shows, and the diverse for three religions in Israel governed by a homonymous king around 1000 BCE. It was my forgotten name until 2022 when I reconciled this name by birth, David; if the decimal 2 turns vertically and unites with a unit 2, it would be a heart shape. What a lover name which I was received by his father registered on September 18, 1998.

And two genealogy surnames C and M are joined when I decide to simplify with balance to call in general. As a additional, I use two biological surnames: The paternal surname is “Chavez” comes from the ancient Portuguese surname that literally means “Keys”, to match with the name “Angel Chavez” as ‘‘The Key of Messenger’’ to explore diverse worlds, and this last name fits the metaphorical version of choice or option as reflects for the mind. And my maternal one, “Martinez” comes from my family with a Spanish last name related to Ares from Greek mythology under the Roman name "Mars" as its descendant; this last name fits the strategy, defense and courage-fighter.

Consequently, my phrase from my full name is: ‘‘Beloved messenger which has the key to fight for his own’’. David Angel Chavez Martinez.


As for my nicknames, I have eight in total, counting with "AngelCM". The four alternative names which are: Octostar which I love star with the pun "Octo-" as "octagonal star", Auriazur which means "Golden Blue" in Latin, my favorite colors, Huanacauri which I identify informally as "Guanaco" which means Fraternity from El Salvador as "huanacax", the Nahuatl word used in the Pre-Columbian era, and "gold" from Latin; both words combined as "Salvadoran Gold". For birthday coincidence, I’ve been chosen as Yerangel as my birthday on its first day, a pun between my name and "Yerathel". And the other two nicknames were from my family members derived from my calling name, appliable for closer friends: Angelicus from my few of my maternal uncles, and Angelo from my mother.

The last three titled nicknames are: My significance of Leo as my zodiac sign, and an Ankha remembrance; thus it's The Blue Sphinx. And my self-steem, The Starry Fury by his negative childhood and teenage that was from the lack of parental control, bullying by his way of being and his teachings not to be perverted by women. And my birth decade coincidence nickname which is Sailor Sivar to pay tribute to the 1990s which I was born in El Salvador, and my best franchise of the decade, Naoko Takeuchi's Sailor Moon which reminds me of Ruby, a lunar rabbit.

My Relationship with Animal Crossing

The Animal Crossing series with me started in 2013 when I had a Nintendo Wii console and explored what lies between town and city. I knew of all the Animal Crossing games before this, and only two did I play in the main series and a spin-off called Pocket Camp that I played in 2017. I am currently on New Horizons as a response to the pandemic of 2020, and so much that I really liked this series that I could understand that making friends is much better, and making more sociable.

My first town was City Folk which I shared with my brothers in one, and what I'm living in New Horizons is "Okinawa", which is shared with my family, it has a diversity of fruits, although it started with orange; currently, our island is with five stars.


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Ten Favorite Villagers
Ankha NH Villager Icon.png This user's favorite villager is Ankha.
Ruby NH Villager Icon.png This user's favorite villager is Ruby.
Marina NH Villager Icon.png This user's favorite villager is Marina.
Ione NH Villager Icon.png This user's favorite villager is Ione.
Julian NH Villager Icon.png This user's favorite villager is Julian.
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Hazel NH Villager Icon.png This user's favorite villager is Hazel.
Apollo NH Villager Icon.png This user's favorite villager is Apollo.

And more of my favorite villagers...