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Aliases: "Apple iPhone"
"japan anime be like"
Edit Count 14 (10 in mainspace)
Gender Male
Service dumb idiot
Appearances FANDOM/Wikia

Hey suckers, the name's Thomas. I edit here sometimes and you probably know me from the Discord server. Breakcore is the only music genre of music that matters, goodbye.

Fun Factzz

  • I draw sometimes [1]
  • I've got a weird sense of humor, not that this is a good thing.
  • I have a wide interest in archiving content. I don't want some things to be considered lost media, y'know.
  • One of my aesthetics are slice-of-life anime, usually obscure, like Animal Yokochou. A more recent example of this is Dino Girl Gauko from Netflix (I love that wacky alien Bibilian). Don't know why that's my aesthetic, but I just love that kinda stuff.
    • If Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunsou falls under slice-of-life then it's another great example, altough not necessarily obscure.
  • My favorite shirt is a black one with Gengar on it [2]
  • I have a varied taste of music. I can enjoy calmer music from the likes of The Strokes, as well as 200bpm f*ckery from Machine Girl.
  • I can... kinda rap, I guess?
  • I am not a good role model or influence. Don't leave children around me.


  1. thomas art thread I am not sure if I'm allowed to link to Newgrounds (my main art website) due to its crude nature and eventual questionable content. This reference links to my art thread on the Bulbagarden forums.
  2. forgot to post this here Link to a profile post on the Bulbagarden Forums with an image of me wearing it with a Sobble plush on my left shoulder (both were ordered from Amazon).

i might add more to this page... or not. idk