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Note: I will be less active on weekdays.

Hi I’m BadTime123! I have an Inkipedia account but I play ACNH more. I have New Leaf which I never play, New Horizons which I play very often now, and Pocket Camp which I recently got. On this wiki I try to find unused links and make it regular text. I also go to random pages and add Korean meanings if they need one. Here are some stuff:

Island Name : 123 Island (Yes I know that is very stupid but my name wasn’t “BadTime123” back then)

NH Stats

  • IGN: 123
  • Playing since: Dec. 27, 2020
  • Island Rating: 4 stars
  • Villagers: 10
    • Villager Personalities: One of every personality except snooty and 2 smugs, 2 lazy, and 2 jocks.
  • Ordinance: Beautiful Island
  • Current house upgrade: Second floor
  • Dream Address: DA-4472-5619-2931

HHP Stats

  • Rank: Superstar Designer
  • Status: Complete
  • Vacation Houses made: 36 or 37
  • Facilities: School, Restaurant (Upgraded), Cafe, Hospital (Upgraded), Apparel Shop
  • HHN Address: RA-2718-9247-6912

Villagers (In order of moving in)

  • Kody: He was my first villager along with Mira. He’s my favorite villager on my island. He is the assistant chef at my restaurant.
  • Mira: Also one of my first villagers, Mira is ok. She works at my cafe along with Sprinkle.
  • Raddle: At first I didn’t really like this guy but now he’s cool. He’s the doctor at my hospital.
  • Bubbles: Before Bubbles was fine but now I don’t really like her and almost kicked her out instead of Bettina.
  • Bertha: At first I was annoyed that there was another hippo villager but she turned out to be fine.
  • Olaf: Ok so this guy is cool. The only thing I don’t like about him is that he sent me FAKE art and I sent him an angry letter. The funny thing is he just sent a random letter later unrelated to the angry note.
  • Derwin: Derwin’s house is kinda isolated from other houses but I see him every day. One of my fav villagers.
  • Octavian: I wanted Zucker as a villager before but when Octavian came I accepted him. One time I accidentally let him call me Kid 1 and now he’s saying that all the time when mentioning me. He has Marina as his roommate.
  • Toby: Once Rex left I spent DAYS trying to get Toby in my island with his amiibo card. He kept rejecting but finally he moved in. He shares a house with Shino.
  • Boone: After numerous attempts to get campsite villagers to move in, Boone came to my island and repeatedly played the card game with me. After a while I figured out the pattern and surprisingly decided to move out Tipper.

Kicked out

  • Bettina: I don’t know why I kicked Bettina. I liked her. Replaced her with Tipper.
  • Rex: I just hated this guy. I didn’t want another lazy villager either. Replaced him with Toby.
  • Tipper: Although she was ok when she first moved in, I started to dislike Tipper. In HHP, I had many snooty clients but I never had any problems with them but I guess if a villager has a personality you don’t like lives on your island, it can get annoying. Boone finally moved her out.