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So I see you have visited my page. If you want a username explanation, then I shall tell you that the barreleye is a very fascinating creature. I frequent Animal Crossing New Horizons, so I mostly check those pages.

I don’t really know how to code, but I like to attempt it, so if I edit something incorrectly, please fix it. -_-


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Things I want added to the wiki: bubble amounts for sea creatures, each villagers favorite items, makeshift tarantula/scorpion island, % chances for fish

  • I may be incorrect about the fave items, but when I gave sprocket a cherry bonsai tree, he said he was really into them, and he gave me the same reaction for the ice bed, acoustic guitar, and the mobile.
  • for percent chances I mean that a very large shadow has a %90 chance to be a sea bass or something.