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This template is used to pad an IMAGE (and resize to width and height IMGSIZE if provided) to a <div> of width and height SIZE.

If BORDER is y, it will draw a 1px border around the container.


Make sure that IMGSIZE (or both the width and height of the image) to be smaller than SIZE. Due to Mediawiki's limitations, it is not possible to check whether this is the case, so the user has the responsibility of making sure that the image does not exceed the container's limits.


{{:User:Decomposer/Sandbox/Iconify|Katie PC icon.png|128|transform=64|border=y}}

Katie PC icon.png

{{:User:Decomposer/Sandbox/Iconify|Anatomical Model WW.png|64|transform=50|border=y}}

Anatomical Model WW.png



As observed, there can be issues in rendering.