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🗳️ There is an active Nookipedia Proposal!
One million edits!
28th Nov 2022
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Nookipedia has reached one million total edits! The millionth edit was made at 19:24 EST on November 28, 2022.
Zelda Wiki (now Zeldapedia) has regained its independence!
19th Oct 2022
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After around five years under Gamepedia/Fandom, Zelda Wiki has announced its departure from the wiki-farm platform, and will now be hosted by ABXY of StrategyWiki fame at under the name "Zeldapedia"!
Physical copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes to Brazil
7th Oct 2022
NH Logo English.png
Nintendo Brasil has announced that several Nintendo Switch games, including Animal Crossing: New Horizons, will be released physically in Brazil by the end of 2022.
Concert performance featuring DJ KK announced
1st Sep 2022
DJ K.K PARADISE MIX!! Poster.jpg
Nintendo has announced, as part of their Nintendo Live 2022 event held at the Tokyo Big Sight live from on October 8th and 9th, the DJ K.K PARADISE MIX!! concert, with music from Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There will be 3 performances during the event, with the third performance broadcasting live on YouTube.
Nookipedia user promotion
22nd Jun 2022
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HylianAngel has been promoted to bureaucrat!
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NH Logo Cutout.png New Horizons current version:
Super Mushroom NH Icon.png Ver. 1.8.0 (February 25, 2021)

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Events this month

This month's events

In New Horizons
First month of winter
(northern hemisphere)
First month of summer
(Southern Hemipshere)
10th Snowstorm
(northern hemisphere)
17th Bug-Off
(southern hemisphere)
24th Toy Day
In previous games

Menu Nook Shopping NH Icon.png Nook Shopping events

Aurora Wall NH Icon.png Winter Solstice (southern hemisphere)
Dec 15th — Dec 22nd
Sunflower Rug NH Icon.png Summer Solstice (northern hemisphere)
Dec 15th — Dec 22nd
Sparkling Cider NH Icon.png New Year's Eve
Dec 22nd — Dec 31st
New Year's Noodles NH Icon.png Ōmisoka
Dec 22nd — Dec 31st
Berliner NH Icon.png Silvester
Dec 22nd — Dec 31st
Twelve-Grape Dish NH Icon.png Nochevieja
Dec 22nd — Dec 31st
Zodiac Rabbit Figurine NH Icon.png New Year's Day
Dec 22nd — Jan 5th
Kadomatsu NH Icon.png Shōgatsu
Dec 22nd — Jan 5th

Menu Critterpedia NH Icon.png Critters in New Horizons

December critters in New Horizons
Bug NH Icon cropped.png Bugs Fish NH Icon cropped.png Fish Sea Creature NH Icon cropped.png Sea creatures
New in the northern hemisphere Northern Hemisphere icon.png
Pond smelt
Sea butterfly
Emperor butterfly
Rajah Brooke's birdwing
Dung Beetle
New in the southern hemisphere Southern Hemisphere icon.png
Giant snakehead
Saddled bichir
Ribbon eel
Saw shark
Hammerhead shark
Great white shark
Whale shark
Emperor butterfly
Drone Beetle
Goliath Beetle
Rainbow Stag
sea grapes
gazami crab
tiger prawn
Trivia of the month
K.K. Break NH Texture.png
Today's birthdays
Annalise W. Link
Today is Annalise and W. Link's birthday!
More on Annalise and W. Link...

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Featured image
An ideal way to prevent grass deterioration
An ideal way to prevent grass deterioration- the players stick to paths and flowers have been planted.

(more on grass deterioration...)

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