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Margie (サリー, Sarī) is a normal elephant villager introduced in Doubutsu no Mori e+. She has appeared in every subsequent mainline installment and spin-off, as well as the film 🎬 Gekijōban Doubutsu no Mori.



Margie DnMe+.png

Margie is a white elephant with blue eyes and pink blush. The bottoms of her feet as well as the tip of her trunk are a similar pink color. She has yellow-and-red ornamentation on her head, ears, wrists, ankles, and tail tassel. Her mouth is positioned on the left side of her head. Be default she has worn the hot spring tee since her debut.


Below is a brief description of the normal personality. For more information, click here.

Margie has a normal personality so she is nice most of the time. She will often comment on the tidiness of her house and her clothes. Margie rarely gets upset but can be very kind. She worries about nothing other than hygiene and tidiness. Margie loves clothes shopping; she may ask for the player to get certain clothes for her, for a small reward. She also enjoys fossil hunting.

In Pocket Camp Margie is described as always relaxed and cheerful, as if on vacation. In the film, she is characterized as an artist and an aspiring fashion designer who hopes to someday show her designs all over the world. She is presented as calm, collected, insightful, and physically strong. This has not carried over into the games. Her favorite saying in the English localization suggests she values practicality and sensibility.



Margie's design is multifaceted. In a symbolic sense, a white elephant represents just rule and natural purity within central Asian countries like India, Burma, and Thailand. Margie closely resembles the mythical white elephant Airavata. In a metaphorical sense, a "white elephant" is an expensive possession whose cost of upkeep exceeds its usefulness. The floral yellow-and-red ornamentation on her head resembles a nettipattam, a decorative elephant caparison that covers the front of the animal's forehead. Her favorite saying in the Japanese releases suggests she may be partially based on bihaku, a skin-whitening cosmetic movement in Japan.

Her initial phrase – "tootie" – is a term of endearment for those shorter than oneself. It potentially derives from Margie's large size and "toot", which is sometimes used as an onomatopoeia for the sound of a trumpeting elephant and a literal brass trumpet. Her initial phrase in the Japanese releases, シャララ, represents singing. It may have basis in "Sha-la-la", the second song on the 1992 album エレファントカシマシ5 by the Japanese rock band Elephant Kashimashi.

Her favorite saying in English releases – "keep your feet on the ground" – is an American idiom about the importance in keeping oneself grounded, practical, and sensable even after profound accomplishment. Her favorite saying in the Japanese releases – 色の白いは七難隠す – is a proverb about how a fair skin can mask or compensate for having less attractive traits.

Name Origin

Margie is a common English name and is usually short for "Margaret". This name comes from the Greek word for pearl, "margarítēs".

Sarī is potentially a play on "sari", a feminine garment popular and symbolic of India. It could also be interpreted as "Sally", another common English name.