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The Roost Player's Coffee Dialogues

Brewster NH Character Icon.png Brewster's Pre-Coffee Dialogue

  • "It's best to drink it fresh, before it cools..."
  • "Here you go... One fresh-brewed, piping-hot cup of coffee. Enjoy."

"I'll do just that!"

  • "Hot, hot, hot!
    It almost burned my tongue...but that's how I like it. Scorching!"
  • "'s just a bit bitter.
    And that's how I like it!"
  • "Oh, that is heavenly...
    It's rich and balanced with subtle floral notes. I'm in love!"
  • "The flavor is out of this world!
    It doesn't need a thing. I'll drink it just as it's brewed."
  • "YESSSS!
    I'm blissing out on this coffee right now. The scent alone is enough to wake me up!"
  • "Yowza, drink it while it's hot! That's when the coffee is at its freshest!"

"It's way too hot."

One cooling

Brewster NH Character Icon.png "..."

  • "Mmm...
    It goes down nice and mellow when it's cooled a little bit."
  • "Oh, WOW!
    The depth of flavor expands at this cooler temperature."

Brewster NH Character Icon.png Brewster's Post-Coffee Dialogue

  • "Coo... Thank you very much."

After drinking two coffees in a single day:

  • "Just be careful... Too much coffee can mess with you..."