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Heidy Isabel, an Animal Crossing villager.
Species Personality Gender
Human Uchi Female
Birthday May 7th {{{sign}}}
Clothes Pink Party Dress
Saying Zip-a-dee-doo-da
Main Games
Other Games

  • It's "hey-dee" not "hi-dee"
  • On Nookipedia since May 18, 2015.
  • Finding Rory (Still better than Dory's story)
  • IG: finding.rory (yes)
  • Walt X Mathilda xD
  • Don't mind my pic, I'm into that stuff

Just an average Crosser (no, I don't mean stuff like "Bid for Diana!" or "Julian is my ultimate dreamie!"). Owner of all Animal Crossing games.

Toontown in New Leaf[edit]

Since August 23, 2014. This is my main town. If you're wondering why I'm trying to get 5/5 lions, let me explain: At first, I thought Elvis would be a cool addition to my town. Then, someone else had Bud, so I thought he would be cool too. Then Mott, then Lionel, and pretty soon Rory (The story of finding Rory). If I ever get a second copy, I'll transfer them there probably.

Current Residents[edit]

Former Residents[edit]

Toontown in City Folk[edit]

Main Page:

User:Heidy Isabel/City Folk

GameCube Days[edit]

My Town: User:Heidy Isabel/Aristar


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