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Jarie Suicune
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Hello! I'm Jarie Suicune, aka Jarieスイクン, new to Animal Crossing! Animal Crossing: New Horizons is my first game in the series (ok, technically it was Pocket Camp, but I didn't enjoy it and basically quit after a very short while), and I am enjoying it! I only play female characters, if it's an option, but am definitely male (I check every now and then if Obie has changed reality yet, but still not a centaur... yet). I enjoy many Nintendo games, and try to help keep the Wikis updated if I find something missing (but sometimes my wording is a bit odd, so hopefully someone notices and cleans it up rather than just reversing it all...).

Switch Friend Code: SW-7525-6929-4677

I don't go out of my way to help random people in games (like doing fruit farm donations/trades in New Horizons or hosting Raids in Pokemon Sword/Shield), but I enjoy giving advice or clearing up information when someone needs it.

amiibo cards

Well, I'm a cheapskate and use the N2 Amiibo device... so I effectively have any/all Amiibo figures and cards. I do have a fair collection of actual Amiibo figures, though none are Animal Crossing.

Time Leaping

I don't really mind time traveling, though I do agree it is a detriment to the enjoyment of the game in the long run (just look at all the people who have already restarted their games lately due to jumping on the bandwagon at launch and realized they aren't having any fun... not necessarily due to time travel, but that is almost certainly a factor). My personal rule is to only time travel in the past up to the present (no future), and mostly only within a week/month depending on reason. For example, I went back to Sakura Blossom season a couple weeks after it ended so I could get all the Sakura DIY Recipes I realized I had missed; or I'll fall back a couple hours to re-open Nook's Cranny, but only if it's before midnight that day. I once jumped within a couple Sundays to get a lower price on Turnips since my friend had a sale price of 560 Bells on their island and then I farmed up a few million bells each for them, my wife, and myself.