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Howdy! I'm something of a country girl, in Animal Crossing, at least. Name is Joanna. My villagers call me Annabelle, so that's the origin of my username here. I joined Nookipedia because this has been my favorite source for Animal Crossing information and images for awhile now, and I want to help it become even better. I have a passion for furniture, so I mostly edit furniture pages.

I found out about the Animal Crossing series in 2017 through a random YouTube video, and after that, I started seeing more and more about the series from various places on the internet. I finally started to consider giving an Animal Crossing game a try in 2019. I originally wanted New Leaf to be my first game, but when I heard that a new Animal Crossing game was releasing soon for the Switch, I thought I would get that instead, and so New Horizons became my first Animal Crossing game when it released on March 20, 2020. I enjoyed it a lot, but I still wanted to play New Leaf as I originally planned. I got a copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo on May 1, 2021, and I love it just as much, as it has things New Horizons does not, and vice versa. I also have a copy of Happy Home Designer, which I wanted to experience after having played the Happy Home Paradise DLC for New Horizons. It's a pretty nice game, and really makes me wish placing rugs outdoors would return to the series. lol. As for the other games I have not played, I've been learning about them through watching playthroughs, and reading information on this site.

I have 2 New Horizons islands, and 1 New Leaf town.

My First New Horizons Island

Pink Sugar
Joannabelle NH Island.jpg
Dream Address
Game Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Creation date March 20, 2020
Native fruit Fruit Pear NH Icon.png Pears
Hemisphere Northern Hemisphere icon.png Northern

Pink Sugar is my original New Horizons island, and my introduction to the Animal Crossing series. The name comes from my obsession with the color pink at the time. Pink's still one of my favorite colors, though now my favorite color is brown, but I keep most things pink so the island can still live up to its name. The island has changed drastically over time, and ended up having 3 themes separated on different areas of the island, those themes are Japanese, country, and tropical. Although I have added my Dream Address, I don't know when I'll consider this island to be complete. lol

Pink Sugar residents

There are two human characters on this island: Joanna, (nicknamed Annabelle), who is the Resident Representative, and Jo-Anna, (nicknamed Sakura), who is just a second me. I created Jo-Anna on September 29, 2021, mostly so I can have a second house to decorate.

The animal villagers are as follows, I've spent a long time getting the exact villagers I want for this island, so all of them are likely staying:

My New Leaf Town

No image available
Dream Address
Game Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo
Player Joanna
Creation date May 1, 2021
Native fruit Fruit Pear NH Icon.png Pears

Rustboro is my New Leaf town. The name comes from Rustboro City in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Versions. Because that city has a Rock-type Gym, I'm making Rustboro a rocky town with a lot of stone PWPs.

Rustboro residents

The villagers who currently live in my New Leaf town.

My Second New Horizons Island

No image available
Dream Address
Game Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Creation date September 4, 2021
Native fruit Fruit Apple NH Icon.png Apples
Hemisphere Northern Hemisphere icon.png Northern

Grayscale is my second New Horizons island. This island is still in early stages as I'm currently inactive on it, but the planned theme is a spooky castle city.

Grayscale residents

The villagers who currently live on my second New Horizons island. Most of them are going to be replaced.

My Favorite Villagers

Alphabetical order, as I don't want to rearrange this every two weeks. lol

Icon Name Species Additional Notes
Alice NH Villager Icon.png Alice Koala My absolute favorite villager! She's baby
Angus NH Villager Icon.png Angus Bull The coolest bull. I love the way he looks in the Flame Tee.
Bob NH Villager Icon.png Bob Cat I mean... he's Bob. You gotta love him. I love his smirking face.
Canberra NH Villager Icon.png Canberra Koala I have a soft spot for koala villagers, so I think she's cute.
Charlise NH Villager Icon.png Charlise Bear My starter Sisterly villager for Pink Sugar. She took a while to grow on me, but she eventually did. She's rad!
Cheri NH Villager Icon.png Cheri Bear cub Her face is so cute! Omg
Coco NH Villager Icon.png Coco Rabbit GYROID RABBIT
I want more gyroid villagers.
Cranston NH Villager Icon.png Cranston Ostrich He looks funny, especially when wearing a hat. lol
Cube NH Villager Icon.png Cube Penguin The best penguin. He reminds me of Pecola.
Eugene NH Villager Icon.png Eugene Koala He has such a good design! So cool.
Faith NH Villager Icon.png Faith Koala Another tropical baby koala! Was so happy to see her return in the 2.0 update of New Horizons.
Flora NH Villager Icon.png Flora Ostrich She's so pink, and her face is funny with those little dot eyes. lol
Frett NH Villager Icon.png Frett Dog The best dog. He has the vibes of a good father.
Genji NH Villager Icon.png Genji Rabbit He looks so serious, yet so cute! Omg!
Goose NH Villager Icon.png Goose Chicken A chicken named Goose. Perfection.
Graham NH Villager Icon.png Graham Hamster He's like a tech nerd. Love him.
Katt NH Villager Icon.png Katt Cat She grew on me very quickly in New Leaf. She's Purrty cool.
Marshal NH Villager Icon.png Marshal Squirrel I usually don't care much for the popular villagers, but he really is so darn cute!
Merengue NH Villager Icon.png Merengue Rhinoceros The dessert theme is so cute, especially the strawberry horn!
Mira NH Villager Icon.png Mira Rabbit Sailor V bunny!
Norma NH Villager Icon.png Norma Cow Pink cow!
Olaf NH Villager Icon.png Olaf Anteater The best anteater! Love his style.
Olivia NH Villager Icon.png Olivia Cat She's very classy, and a classic.
Peggy NH Villager Icon.png Peggy Pig I don't know what it is. She's just so happy!
Pekoe NH Villager Icon.png Pekoe Bear cub The ears making a bun hairstyle is such a good design, and she's so smol
Penelope NH Villager Icon.png Penelope Mouse Another really good design using the ears. The pink bow is so cute!
Petri NH Villager Icon.png Petri Mouse Another one of the cuter mice. She has pretty eyes underneath those glasses.
Sally NH Villager Icon.png Sally Squirrel She just wants to sleep all the time.
Stinky NH Villager Icon.png Stinky Cat Panty-face cat! His name makes me laugh.
Tiffany NH Villager Icon.png Tiffany Rabbit I love her design, especially the lipstick.
Tipper NH Villager Icon.png Tipper Cow Most perfect cow.
Toby NH Villager Icon.png Toby Rabbit Cutest Sanrio villager, and my favorite Smug villager. Love his smile! Omg!

Least favorite villagers

I don't dislike villagers very often, but there is this one...

Icon Name Species Additional Notes
Sasha NH Villager Icon.png Sasha Rabbit People obsess over gender too much. I don't like how he became popular because he was revealed to be a boy. I don't see the big deal. I really didn't care what this rabbit would turn out to be.

Villagers I want to Return

Villagers removed from the series that I'd love to see return in a future game, (mostly bovines. lol)


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