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Hey, my name is koopadude99 and I've played animal crossing for 9 years now. I'm basically adding info to pages that lack any or have things like spelling errors, missing pictures, etc. I am also a koopa troopa. Because of koopvid, (corona virus)we can't be in bowser's castle, but it's ok. I just go on Here to escape it. Just kidding, corona virus doesn't exist in the mushroom kingdom.Here are some villagers I have in my towns:

Favorite villagers

💙Means that villager is in my town for example, Bunnie💙 💛Means that villager is a dreamie and I will stop at nothing to find and/or trade for this villager for example, Marshal💛 💔Means that villager was in my town but moved for no reason or I had to kick them😭 These apply for new leaf and new horizons 💜Means that villager is in my new horizons town as of now for example, flurry💜


Don't believe the stuff here because marshal hacked my account. It's how he says yes to camping into my town. I really don't know why ask Marshall instead. That cute face hides his mischief.

  • Age:15(6 in koopa years) because koopa years is your age minus 9 years. Example(27 would be 18 in koopa years)
  • Gender: male
  • Lives: Springfield Massachusetts or 2-1
  • Hobbies: gaming drawing shellboarding (don't worry the shell you board on is fake.)
  • Likes: When pecan calls fang cute. And my new leaf town. Judy. Fang. Whitney. Marshall. Julian. Flurry. So many others.
  • Hates: when Monty used to make villagers mad. Villager fights in general. Once pecan and fuchsia were both mad at each other. This town is supposed to be happy not war!
  • Coffee order: Mocha lots milk 3 sugars
  • Tools: sliver net, shovel, fishing rod, axe, golden slingshot
  • Town theme: persona 5ish winter? Did I mention I probably play persona 5 then anything else? I'm at the end where you battle maruki.
  • If I was a animal I'd be a snooty wolf named moonlight. She would look like judy but as a wolf. And the catchphrase would be starlight. Her house could have the moon and whatnot like Julian does.
  • I love the wolves, eagles, and cats. My secondary town will have chief and some point. I already started with Wolfgang, and Whitney So that's good. You need the npc reader blah blah blah thing to use amiibos for the 2ds, but it's ok. I can hunt them myself. Someone on animal crossing community said that cranky wolves and eagles are pretty common as a camper.(is THAT why I have fang?)
  • I also made some slick morgana stuff if you want it you can search it with the kiosk in mable's shop. I made morgana's coat and hat. Since Nintendo added a much needed regular search, you don't need the ID blah blah blah. Just type morgana and it should come up. If it doesn't please tell me on my talk page.
  • Favorite song: k.k. groove! *koopa noises* sorry, people are still working on translating koopese. Anyway k.k. groove is so good you have to play it to belive it. Here- K.K. Groove I also like k.k. blues. No, I'm not emo how dare you! Anyway, real life fact, I play a gutair. I'm pretty good actually. I can even play the G chord. Anyways...
  • Debit to Tom nook: As much as a love Rodney. I DESPISE HIM. Jk I just got my basement fully expanded.

  • Favorite hybrid: blue pansies! Blue is my favorite color and I'm breeding them for an area in my new leaf town and I just got one in my new horizons town.

  • Marshal will always be a favorite in till he get tier 2 which will never happen.
  • Pecan is a decent snooty. At first I didn't really care about her, but now I love her to the point I might have a tiny crush on her. Don't tell anyone.

Bangle is SO CUTE! I found her in New horizons and was in my old new leaf town but moved for no reason.(Keep in mind 6 year old me has a bad memory lol)

Judy is also a close one. I found her after my sister forced me to kick bones. "I'm going sherb hunting"! Well what happened? Judy spawned on the first ticket. I nearly fainted. Judy is SO popular. I feel like a God now that I have her.

Rory I was kinda meh on. I don't hate him but if curly moved one day and Rory was on a island, I'd pass him.

As everyone knows by now, Monty and I are like water and oil. The oil is ruined. Monty is the water. The oil is my town. Luckily for me he's gone and I keep dreaming about marshal. I should let doc know.*Bad pun* (I even got a recipe for gold flooring from him) It means he's on my new leaf town but I can't do check right now because it's late.

Stitches! HE LEFT MY TOWN WITHOUT ASKING THE WORST THING EVER*Angry koopa noises* I'm ok. Why he left is not clear. And he's tier one. End me.:))))

Leopold. I hate the dry ugly color of his fur. Reminds me of water. Colorless and souless. This guy was even a jock! ....😦

Vladimir. He haunts me. He was in my old town, moved in again 3 months later via void. Data corruption, HE CAMPS. I'd take Monty over him. I don't hate him, just LEAVE ME ALONE VALDIMIR I'M TOO YOUNG!

  • Villager pics: so far I have bunnie's and pudge's pic. Got Celia's as well. ☺

Most likely next:

  • Gayle
  • pecan most likely
  • Curly?😐

I don't even know anymore:

  • Hippeux
  • Fuchsia
  • Fang

  • Town projects

So far I'm creating my second town as tiger/wolf town. I need Chief, Freya, Lobo, Wolfgang, and Whitney for wolves. And eagles I'm thinking Frank, Avery, sterling, perice, and Apollo. If you want to help me contact my instagoomba. Aka my talk page.

I also might create a bot to help me do stuff. But I'll need help with names. The talk page is where you can put it. So far I have robokoopa, Robokoop and metalshell.

town rules

This is for people who are visting my towns. If you are bidding my towns promise me that you won't break these rules 1 DO NOT destroy my flowers. If it's a non hybird, that's one thing. But I've heard of stories where people destroying gold roses, black roses, blue pansies, you name it. At least in New horizons flowers grow back, but it's still annoying. 2 Ask if you want something. If you want a flower, villager, etc., just ask! Please don't steal hybrids as I worked my butt off breeding flower after flower. So if you want something, just ask! 3 Friend me before coming. I want to make sure I don't get trollers, so if you want to come to my new horizons town, friend code is 7763-0830-3124. Once I see you don't do 1, your in! I host parties Friday nights so anyone who friends me may come.


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Grading villagers by species

There are lots of types of villagers is animal crossing. Here I'll grade on design, house, and my overall experience with them. Yes, I know stitches is popular, but he left when I was getting attached to him. Oh yes best friend.😉 I'm being sarcastic, HOW DARE YOU STITCHES! Anyway this is just my opinion. If I like a villager it doesn't mean you have to. And if I hate a villager then you don't have to.(That's probably how Raymond got popular, someone took a video on Raymond and now he's Judy class) Also it doesn't mean that these villagers are bad, it's just if you are like me and you see these, you'd run away. Some of these aren't bad But meh.But plenty of people don't give a shell about tiers and uglies and all that so I respect that. I get it, you play how you play. If you want MY opinion then here's your place.Anyways here we go!

  • Aligators: I like most of them. Sure I only had Gayle, but I would love to have Drago one day, maybe in my second town. He just seems cool to be around. ✔Gayle, drago del❌ I'm gonna say Sly. I mean he's cool, but he should be a lizard than a alligator.
  • Anteaters: Most people don't like them because they are ugly. Well I've seen worse. Some are ok. Others will make you make like porter and make them take the next train out!

✔Olaf ❌Snooty. I can see why many including myself despise snooty. I mean I get it she's snooty. What's wrong with that? You might be asking, what's wrong with that? Well it's one answer. Her design. I'm no pecan, but her green shirt clashes with her skin. And not in a good way.

  • Bears: They are ok. I don't like them, but I don't hate them.✔All except Klaus. ❌Klaus. Ok Let's be real. He's me with Monty. At first I'm like "Meoo-oh no." Kabuki reference. Anyway, he's just a bear with no friends. But why is he smug. Unlike Klaus marshal looks fine. But really this bear can easily pass for cranky. Why is he smug?
  • Birds: I like them. They are ok. Sure there not perfect but what is?

✔Jitters guys he's fine he was my wild word buddy before the game card never worked again. F's in the talk page🙏❌Hmm Pipper. How is she not snooty. Sure mint is snooty but unlike her mint passes because she's cute. Like for real, give me 3 reasons pipper can stay peppy. *Cricket chirping* EXACTLY THERE IS LITERALLY NO REASON.

  • bulls. Most are cranky minus stu and coach. I feel like I'm forgetting someone...Anyways, my favorite is Chuck. I miss him on my friend's town telling me to shut up and I'm a fat bloated idiot. Good times. I understand why Nintendo made them nicer, but let's give Chuck a moment. Now for❌, COACH. Ok this might seem rude and if you like coach I am so sorry but this needs to be said,HE IS LIMBERG IN BULL FORM. Yes the ugliest mouse as a BULL! For real I'm not joking, look at this dude-Coach.

  • Cats. Look here, almost all of them are great minus tabby and stinky. It's hard to pick a favorite out of 21? cats.

✔Raymond? Now look here. I'm not a Raymond smother like well... all the girl koopa's I knew in shellementry high school. Raymond looks like ren amamia? Amamayia? Amiamay? Hmmm... But he's cool. ❌Tie. Between tabby and stinky. Tabby is why I sleep with my light on. Stinky smells and is ugly. Now to be honest these guys are NOTHING to the more uglies I'm about to show you.

  • Chickens. They Look ok. Ken was my forced camper. But I got lucky though! I read on bell tree forums that some people got Rodney or PETRIO or worse,GAME CRASHING TABBY. ✔Ken. He's my favorite. He's my camper so he won't be leaving anytime soon. ChicKEN

❌Hmm Benedict. I don't like the lines on his face. Makes him ugly.

  • Cows. The dark story. There were 8.. 4 we're scrapped. Now we are stuck with 4... Patty, Norma, Naomi, and tipper.. Out of the four✔ goes to patty and norma and tipper. They look fine no big eyes no big mouth no ugly colors, fine.

❌ Naomi is a different story. Story time. Once I was visting my good friend yoshigamer96's town. He was showing me around then I see her. The ugliest cow in the history of koopas. Why was belle scrapped but this cow can just come in? #Bringbellebackgang

  • Cubs. Cubs are if you fused the bears with chibi anime characters you get the cubs.

✔litterally ever cub minus barold. Why. Was Harold created. 1 he is the ugliest villager in the history of mario. 2 he has "glasses" that honestly make him Even more ugly. 3 did I mention he looks like missing no fused with a goomba?

  • Deer. This is hard. I love them all. But for the sake of this section, I have to choose one. I'm very sorry if you like zell, but I wish sub things like unicorns and zebras were there instead of a design to look like one. And everyone knows I love Diana and fuchsia. Fuchsia is bossy but DIANA IS the boss! Person to koopa, make sure you don't set her off. Like what the wise pudge once said, It's like a earthquake when Diana's mad!
  • Dog. The best dog is bones. Shoutin' out Y-i-P Y-I-P bow wow yipptey yo yay. Um sorry, just walking the atomic dog.

The worst dog is a tie between Benjamin and biskit. Why must I feel like that? Why must they exist? Why must I feel like that? Nothin' but the dog in ya. Life's ruff ruff ruff bow wow yipptey yo yay bow wow yipptey yay. Gotta get my paws on it life on all fours these villagers are ugly I an'it openin' doors. I'm just a dog tryna get through dis corona fog.Ok I'll stop.

  • Ducks. They are cute but no one is perfect. There will always be an ugly villager. Even if all the ugly ones got their faces changed,(like hazel losing her unibrow) one villager will still be ugly.

Best:Scoot! So cute! Yoshigamer96 has his picture. Worst: Weber? Nintendo doesn't wanna make a cranky duck. How is he lazy? How? That's like I made Pudge look mad but say"he's lazy"! No sense. He's not bad just I'm thinkin' hard about why he's lazy.

  • Eagles. This is even harder. I love the eagles. But I have to choose one. Keaton. It was him or Frank. I chose keaton. He's just meh. I don't hate him but I don't like him. Best is Celia. For three reasons.
  • 1 she has regal furniture by default.(She also replaced her bed with a whale shark.)
  • 2She have me her pic and sends me a letter every single day.
  • 3She made Monty sad! The best thing a villager can do!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Elephants. Worst? Paolo. The dot eyes make a villager seem unfinished and creepy. As Vincent von koopa once said, "If thou makes villager have dot eyes, thee will immediately hate that villager." Best is dizzy and his alter ego. Cute and the only two lazy villagers my sister hates. Ok and maybe sherb.

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