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Human Big sister Fluidflux
Birthday July 3rd Cancer
Favorite saying "Even a stopped clock is right twice a day."
Catchphrase "runaway"
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Well hello there! I'm FJ, AKA Meganium39, and I’ve been on Nookipedia since April 2021, I think. I’ve been an Animal Crossing fan for about four years now, and have never looked back.

I’m not a hugely active wiki editor and am unlikely to ever bring forward any new knowledge barring a major announcement for a new game or DLC. My main focus is vandalism defence and grammar corrections, with some talk-page proposals spliced in.

General Info

  • I was born in and live in England.
  • I discovered Animal Crossing at the age of 8, when I played NL for the first time in March 2018.
  • My username is a combination of my favourite Pokémon and a number derived from my birthday.
  • I use iOS on my mobile phone and Windows on my laptop.
  • I’m nonbinary and my pronouns are he/they.

Game Saves


Aldecham is the name of my Wild World town, which isn’t particularly active but it exists.


  • Created April 7th, 2021
  • Unlocked Timmy and Tommy’s up to T.I.Y.

My ACNL village is called Flyhouse. It was established on April 7th, 2019 by my character Mayor Kaitlyn. My real name is FJ, but for some reason me from two years and two months ago thought that my New Leaf profile should be called Kaitlyn. The save with Flyhouse on is not my first- my original copy of New Leaf was lost for over 6 months until I moved house in the fall of 2019. My original copy of vanilla New Leaf (updated to WA via the eShop) is now perfectly okay, but I don't use it anymore. Flyhouse, meanwhile is on my new cartridge of Welcome Amiibo. Finally, I have both games on a New Nintendo 2DS XL, which I've had since Christmas 2017. Now, here are my villagers. Please forgive my horrible inability to format pictures properly!


TOBY- I like him, but he wears one of my Custom Designs which looks weird on him.
CHIEF- I got him in via. amiibo after he asked to leave my ACNH island.
CHELSEA- Past me liked her enough to amiibo her into town, but my thoughs on her now are meh.
SYLVIA- Probably a random move-in because I don't really care much for her.
MALLARY- She only lives in my town because I asked for the wrong amiibo- Mallary when I wanted Maelle. I fell in love with her, though.
SPARRO- I used the new character trick to villager hunt for him after Chai left.
VICHE- I'm a Splatoon fan, so...
CECE- To keep Viche company.
STITCHES- If I remember correctly, I got a random move-in I hated and subbed them out for the free amiibo I got in amiibo Festival.


DELI- I think he was a starter. I only remember him because of Main Street.
CLAY- Also possibly a starter, if not my Day 3 move-in. He asked to leave and I let him.
ELOISE- Annoying New Leaf move-out mechanics led to me losing this beauty.
VIOLET- I never cared much for her and barely noticed her leaving.
DRIFT- He was a starter, and one who didn't endure for long.
ROSCOE- I hated him and was very happy when he asked to go.
KEVIN- He was funny I guess, but I didn't care when he left.
APPLE- I hold a grudge on her for moving on top of my perfect orange trees.
LOLLY- My bestie- moved in early right by my house, got her pic when she packed her bags. My true hero.
CHAI- She left when I was on hiatus.

There's more than this but I don't care about/can't be bothered with any of the others.


  • Created late June 2021 (I think)
  • Unlocked Timmy and Tommy’s up to Nookling Junction

In 2019 I lost my copy of New Leaf and bought a new one to replace it. The original turned up, however, during a house move in early 2020, prompting me to create a new town on the original cartridge when I was sick and had nothing better to do. I’ve got visions for it but for now it looks mediocre and doesn’t even have T&T Mart.


BRUCE- His interior is pretty weird. But I don’t mind.
ROSIE- Can’t remember whether she was a random move-in or from amiibo. I like her a lot!
PLUCKY- After she moved out, I stubbornly re-imported her with amiibo.
HOPKINS- You know, I don’t know what compelled me to move in Hopkins with amiibo. I like him, but I don’t… get it.
PHIL- He lives right by my house, and I’m glad of it.
BOOTS- IDK. I just think he’s pretty cool.
HAMPHREY- A random-move in whom I don’t exactly love but like sufficiently that he’s a keeper for now.
MARTY- Cute I guess?
MAELLE- A duck with a nice haircut- what more do I need?
SYLVANA- Lives in the woods with Maelle and is very cute everyday.

I will provide a full ‘former’ gallery soon but for now the list is: Becky, Cherry, Chief, Rod.


  • Created March 20th, 2020
  • Five-star rating

I got my Switch for Christmas 2018, and enjoyed playing many games including Pokemon Let's Go: Pikachu and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe before ACNH's release. When ACNH was released, I bought it on launch-day and played it daily throughout lockdown. My island was called Toady and my character's name (more younger-me logic) is Millie. My mum and dad also had save files here- my dad's house is modelled after a hotel and my mum's is just a house. I deleted Toady; my mum held onto much of my stuff and my favourite villager Audie.


Here are the ten villagers that were staples of Toady in its lifetime.

KYLE- He was found on a Mystery Island. I was sceptical, but I love him.
HORNSBY- He was only there for so long because my mum wanted to keep him. I wasn't keen, so she ended up buying a Switch Lite.
AUDIE- She was my dreamy for a long time.
SYLVANA- Moved in relatively late on, but a Toady classic.
MAELLE- She lived on Toady for the vast majority of its lifespan.
FUCHSIA- Found on an island tour. A great deer for a great island.
ROD- He was pretty good fun, if irritating.
KETCHUP- Need I explain? Look how cute she is!
CHIEF- Not sure what I saw in him. He was nice, anyway.
There was a plot which kinda kept changing... occupants included Queenie, Lolly, Celia, Groucho, Beau, and many, many others.


HORNSBY- 3-New-Plots lazy who went to live with my mum.
KATT- Starter uchi whose offer to leave I gladly accepted.
PANGO- 3-New-Plots peppy who I kicked out when her dialog got boring.
TANK- Starter jock who I never warmed up to.
SYLVANA- Went to live with my friend, who almost immediately got bored of her and kicked her out.
CHIEF- Went to live with a different friend, who loves him to bits. His amiibo lives on at Flyhouse.
TIPPER- Campsite visitor who was loved on Toady before departing to my mum's.
LOPEZ- My mandatory campsite visitor who I never cared for.
PASHMINA- My dad adored her, but I didn't care for her.
BEAU- My best boy. He is now treasured and adored by the friend who rejected Sylvana.
FAUNA- Mystery Island find. I liked her, but didn't really care when she left.

Again, Toady has rejected more than this, but I don't care about any of the others.

Dawn Star

  • Created July 29th, 2021 (I think)
  • Four-star rating

In July 2021, I deleted the island of Toady for Dawn Star, my new place. This time I'm finally named my actual name! Until I discovered my true identity and changed my name… Anyway, here are my lists of villagers.


VIVIAN- Replaced starter Uchi Ursala after she asked to leave.
SASHA- I thought they were a girl, but their gender doesn't deter me.
WALT- I used an amiibo to get him in. I love the male kangaroos!
ROSWELL- He seems to never leave his house.
RIO- I wanted her to return for ages, despite never playing Population Growing.
JUNE- One of my favourite villagers. I like her design and she's a fabulous Camp Caretaker.
SHERB- I love him! I was lucky enough to get the fairycore goat 3-New-Plots.
SNOOTY- I like Japan-inspired villagers, and Snooty makes me laugh.
FAITH- I warmed to her even more than I thought I would.
BAM- It took forever to find him with Nook Mile Tickets, but he was worth it.


HAMLET-My starter jock who I don't hate but didn’t want.
MITZI- I don't mind her but she had to go.
CHERI- I hardly spoke to her, ever.
CHOPS- I was disgusted when I saw him as the first camper.
TYBALT- He was kicked for Sasha when 2.0 dropped.
COLTON- I never warmed to him. Replaced by Roswell at 2.0.
AUDIE- Her time with me spanned ~9 months and two islands, but her time came to go.
CHELSEA- I got bored of having a duplicate of the worst personality.
URSALA- She was a starter who I traded back and forth to upgrade her house. A fun villager who left when she asked to.

Loved and Hated Villagers

I've sorted them by species. This is a WIP, so not all will be covered. The order is roughly: Pets, birds, aquatic animals, big mammals, medium-sized wild mammals, livestock and reptiles. I hope you enjoy!

My Friends

Icon Name Species Reason
Lolly NH Villager Icon.png Lolly Cat She was a staple of my New Leaf town for over a year. I love her.
Bea NH Villager Icon.png Bea Dog I've never had her on a town or island, but I have her in the mid 20s on Pocket Camp.
Holden NL Villager Icon.png Holden Hamster His entire concept is just so cute. I need him in a town or village.
Sasha NH Villager Icon.png Sasha Rabbit I wanted them AS SOON as 2.0 was revealed.
Petri NH Villager Icon.png Petri Mouse I love that she's a mad scientist, and yet under those goggles are perfectly made-up eyes.
Otis PG Model.png Otis Bird His return to the series would make my day!
Quinn NH Villager Icon.png Quinn Eagle I don't like any of the eagle villagers... is what I would've said before Quinn's introduction.
Hopper NH Villager Icon.png Hopper Penguin The penguins are weird, but I guess Hopper is alright.
Rio NH Villager Icon.png Rio Ostrich It's just a shame she had to be confined to the GCN for so long.
Plucky NL Villager Icon.png Plucky Chicken She's my favorite villager in NL. As well as NH introducing Audie, it also severely nerfed my gal by removing her trademark leaf.
Ketchup NH Villager Icon.png Ketchup Duck Her tomato face is just a little too pure for this world.
Marina NH Villager Icon.png Marina Octopus All the octopi are mediocre by me. I'm indifferent to them all.
Henry NH Villager Icon.png Henry Frog The only frog I would ever consider having on a save.
Hippeux NH Villager Icon.png Hippeux Hippo Hippos aren't a species I'm too big on, but Hippeux is cool.
Hornsby NH Villager Icon.png Hornsby Rhino My mum's favorite villager. As a result I came to appreciate him too.
Tybalt NH Villager Icon.png Tybalt Tiger I had him on my island once; not for very long, but he was a fun neighbor.
Rex NH Villager Icon.png Rex Lion I loved it when we shared an island. He's one of my favorites!
Eloise NH Villager Icon.png Eloise Elephant Chai, Margie, Opal and Ellie are some others I love.
Boyd NH Villager Icon.png Boyd Gorilla I hate him, but he's still the best gorilla.
Flip NH Villager Icon.png Flip Monkey He's alright, I guess.
Ursala NH Villager Icon.png Ursala Bear I've liked her for as long as I've known who she is!
June NH Villager Icon.png June Cub To be honest, all of them are perfectly pleasant villagers sans Barold, Chester and Poko.
Audie NH Villager Icon.png Audie Wolf She's my favorite villager, but other wolves in the top 30 are Vivian, Kyle, Chief and Wolfgang.
Walt NH Villager Icon.png Walt Kangaroo Give me more male kangaroos! (all those housewives are gonna need breadwinners...)
Faith NH Villager Icon.png Faith Koala She was one of my picks to return to the series, until she did.
Ione NH Villager Icon.png Ione Squirrel Previously, this was Sylvana's title.
Snooty NH Villager Icon.png Snooty Anteater Possibly my second favorite villager, even though I don't understand why. Snifffff.
Fuchsia NH Villager Icon.png Fuchsia Deer Really, this one's a tie between her and Beau.
Reneigh NH Villager Icon.png Reneigh Horse She's the only one that appeals to me in any way.
Stella NH Villager Icon.png Stella Sheep She has a very calming presence.
Maggie NH Villager Icon.png Maggie Pig The only one that's not gross.
Sherb NH Villager Icon.png Sherb Goat Sherb is the absolute GOAT.
Tipper NH Villager Icon.png Tipper Cattle She's just so... cow.
Roswell NH Villager Icon.png Roswell Alligator Long live our conspiracy-theory croc!

My Enemies

Icon Name Species Reason
Kiki NH Villager Icon.png Kiki Cat At least Tabby embraces her ugliness. Kiki is just creepy.
Shep NH Villager Icon.png Shep Dog Mac is realistic, Marcel is based on a real thing, Benjamin is a sloppy kid, but my least favorite villager has no excuse for looking the way he does.
Clay NH Villager Icon.png Clay Hamster Pretty much every hamster is just 'meh' to me.
Cole NH Villager Icon.png Cole Rabbit I've never worked out whether he's got buckteeth or a long, white tongue.
Rizzo NH Villager Icon.png Rizzo Mouse I hate every single mouse besides Broccolo, Rod, Petri, Penelope and Carmen.
Jacob NH Villager Icon.png Jacob Bird His color scheme sure is dapper, but how does he see out those eyes?
Sterling NH Villager Icon.png Sterling Eagle He takes his theme and runs way too far with it.
Aurora NH Villager Icon.png Aurora Penguin Next time you see Aurora, make her do a surprised emote. Your hatred of her will be installed forever.
Sandy NH Villager Icon.png Sandy Ostrich She's not bad, just... underwhelming.
Hector PG Model.png Hector Chicken We should all be glad he never departed the GameCube looking like this.
Joey NH Villager Icon.png Joey Duck He's a disgrace to his species.
Cephalobot NH Villager Icon.png Cephalobot Octopus We got a robot villager in ACNH 2.0 and I feel robbed of what a smug octo could've been.
Jambette NH Villager Icon.png Jambette Frog I forget this entire species most of the time. None of them stick in my head at all.
Lulu PG Model.png Lulu Hippo Try making eye contact with her and you'll understand why.
Tiara PG Model.png Tiara Rhino I don't care for her. Like, at all.
Leonardo NH Villager Icon.png Leonardo Tiger Rolf gets the pass for being a snow tiger, but Leonardo to me is nothing besides Tybalt done worse.
Rory NH Villager Icon.png Rory Lion Lionel gets the pass for being somewhat unique, whereas Rory has both generic AND ugly traits to boot.
Axel NH Villager Icon.png Axel Elephant WHONK! That's the sound of me kicking out Axel as soon as he moved into my New Leaf town.
Yodel PG Model.png Yodel Gorilla Depending on my mood this could be nearly any of them.
Deli NH Villager Icon.png Deli Monkey Deserves to be skinned, cooked, and served on a deli.
Ike NH Villager Icon.png Ike Bear I can't say who's worse; him or his son?
Poko DnMe+ Model.png Poko Cub Only here because reiterating the universal hatred of Barold would be a waste of the spot.
Dobie NH Villager Icon.png Dobie Wolf His lack of teeth is just weird and ruins an already mediocre villager.
Mathilda NH Villager Icon.png Mathilda Kangaroo I can't understand why she's always so mad-looking!
Eugene NH Villager Icon.png Eugene Koala I look at him and see no more than an Aussie kid having an awkward phase.
Cally NH Villager Icon.png Cally Squirrel Her GameCube e-reader card sums her up perfectly. You should have a read of it.
Pango NH Villager Icon.png Pango Anteater Her design is perfectly OK, but she started a trend of everyone in my New Leaf town going 'snoooof'.
Shino NH Villager Icon.png Shino Deer I kinda like all the deer... is what I would have said, if it weren't for 2.0 bringing us this weird snow-devil thing. I don't hate her but still...
Peaches NH Villager Icon.png Peaches Horse Looks like a corpse, and doesn't seem to have a reason for it.
Cashmere NH Villager Icon.png Cashmere Sheep She pulls her look off, but it's still her look.
Curly NH Villager Icon.png Curly Pig He falls in the 'uncanny valley', only for pigs. Disgusting!
Velma NH Villager Icon.png Velma Goat I can't explain my dislike of her look without sounding judgmental and/or transphobic, but know that I hate her beard while intending neither of those things.
T-Bone NH Villager Icon.png T-Bone Cattle He looks like someone aged three tried to draw a bull, and their baby scrawl was used as concept art for T-Bone.
Liz PG Model.png Liz Alligator A Boots clone with creepy eyes is the last thing I need in my life.

My Userboxes


  • I'm also a fan of Tommy, but there isn't a Userbox for that.
  • I'm also a fan of Sable, but there isn't a Userbox for that.
  • Two Days Ago and K.K. Robot Synth are tied for my favourite music track.
  • I'm happy for you to use any of my custom userboxes and there's no need to ask me first, but please credit me somewhere on your page.
  • Credits to FLAME1232 for his Splatoon userbox!

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