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Hey there!

My name is Ryan and I've been a member of the Nookipedia since before it became independent.

I came across Animal Crossing City, the name it had, when I was looking up information on fish, bugs and fossils, as you do when you're stuck not knowing what exists in the game. I decided to edit some pages after being interested in the community and the information it provided, with some of my first edits being done on fish related pages. Soon after I learnt the ropes and started creating pages, which I continue to maintain to this day.

At present, I take an active role in maintaining the standard of some pages, with a "proof-reading" role, whereby I see what has been edited, check the information is relevant, useful and accurate, and approve it, or add to it if the information needed to be explained better.

If you need any help, simply ask and I'd be happy to assist :)