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Cheshire Island

Cheshire was founded after several residents moved to the remote, uninhabited island as part of the Deserted Island Getaway Package by Nook Inc. Prior to the arrival of any residents, an airport operated by Dodo Airlines (DAL) was built on the southern shore, and a plaza was set up towards the eastern edge of the island. The Resident Services tent was erected at the plaza, where Tom Nook, Timmy, and Tommy set up shop offering goods and services to the island's first three residents: Agnes, Goose, and Kevin, with the latter being appointed as Resident Representative for Cheshire. After realizing the island was flush with diverse fauna, Tom Nook invited Blathers to the island where a tent was erected for his stay. Upon the collection of twenty unique specimens of the local fauna, Blathers decided to establish a museum and worked with Tom Nook to begin construction. Shortly after the completion of the museum, enough building material was gathered to build a shop, Nook's Cranny, where Timmy and Tommy moved their operations from the Resident Services tent to their new home on the island. With the establishment of Nook’s Cranny, master tailor Mabel Able made a visit to the island to work out a trade deal with the twins and offer clothing to the Cheshire community. Additionally, a bridge was built connecting the eastern and western parts of the island; and three new residents moved to Cheshire, including Chevre, Rodeo, and Flora, after they were recruited by Kevin, as he visited other islets for natural resources. After Redd his made his first appearance as an arts dealer on Cheshire, the museum underwent renovations to include a second floor exhibition hall for paintings, statues, and other works of art, some of which were acquired by Redd in suspicious markets. Approximately a week after Cheshire was founded, the island underwent much development to the point the plaza was rebuilt in order to construct the Resident Services building, and Isabelle moved to Cheshire to join the Resident Services staff. Since then, the Resident Representative has been working with Tom Nook to further develop Cheshire to attract tourists and new residents to create a thriving community. The first official project to break ground was a second bridge built near the shop that granted better access to the northern parts of the island, and the subsequent re-location of Goose's home to allow for easier access to the new bridge. With the grand opening of the campsite, tourists were able to begin scheduling vacations to Cheshire and stay at the campsite, located atop a cliff near one of the scenic waterfalls. Several weeks since the founding of Cheshire and its steady development, tailor sisters Mabel and Sable established a shop on the island to offer their goods and custom tailoring. After more than a month since its founding, Nook's Cranny underwent renovations to expand itself into a convenience store, offering a wider selections of goods.


Population: 19

Registered Visitors

Visitor Count: 18

Traveling merchants, event organizers, and tourists are welcome to Cheshire and are required to register with Isabelle at Resident Services upon arrival, especially if wishing to operate a stand at the plaza or sell goods among the residents.

Campground Visitors

Visitor Count: 8

Tourists and camping enthusiasts are welcome to stay a night on Cheshire Island at the campground. Guests may book a reservation through the island's Resident Services office and a charter flight through Dodo Airlines. The campground is located on the second level by a waterfall, complete with scenic views of the water and surrounding nature. Amenities include a tent platform, fire pit, picnic table, freshwater well, music player, and a bike for island tours.

Former Residents

Elise enjoyed her short stay on Cheshire Island as part of a travel assignment, where she wrote about her experiences after returning home to her primary residence in Camptown. Astrid and her son moved after enjoying life on Cheshire for several months.

Island Amenities

Resident & Island Services
  • Cheshire Airport
  • Resident Services Plaza
  • Cheshire Park
  • Cheshire Museum
  • Basketball Court
  • Laundry Well

Shops and Dining
  • Nook’s Cranny
  • Handicraft Marketplace
  • Able Sisters Tailor Shop
  • Oceanside Cafe
  • Pumpkin Acres Farm
  • Seaside Nightclub & Diner
  • South Beach Fish Market

  • Cheshire Lighthouse
  • Forest Stage & Auditorium
  • Seaside Amusement Park
  • Bamboo Springs Spa
  • Goose's Outdoor Gym
  • Ice Sculpture Garden
  • New Horizons Stargazing Point
  • Cheshire Fairgrounds


Camptown is a quiet village located in the foothills by the seaside. A local train line runs through the town where the occasional train will stop at Camptown Station, allowing tourists and traveling merchants to visit. The shopping district is located on Main Street, just across the tracks and up the hill. On Main Street, several shops are open for business, including Nook's Homes, The Able Sisters, Nookling Junction, and the Happy Home Showcase. Additionally, the Post Office can be found here alongside several buildings that remain shuttered and vacant. At the end of the street sits the newly-opened Camptown Museum, managed by Blathers the curator. Re-Tail is another shop in Camptown, run by married couple Reese and Cyrus. While not on Main Street, the recycle shop can be found by the town hall and event plaza. On the eastern edge of Camptown is the local campground, accessible by a dirt road that allows for visitors to park their campers at the campground and visit town. A new resident by the name of Kevin recently moved in and began his job as mayor, working alongside his deputy, Isabelle, to help Camptown grow into a developed metropolis with a thriving population. Since his debut as mayor, the town has begun a journey of growth and development, with the construction a lighthouse, a park clock, a cliffside windmill, a freshwater well, and a fountain by the town hall, as well as several benches, street lights, fire hydrants, bridges, and solar panels. Main Street saw economic development which benefited the growth of Camptown and saw the opening of a garden shop managed by Leif, the Dream Suite overseen by Luna, Club LOL run by Shrunk and DJ K.K., a shoe store owned by Kicks, and a salon operated by Harriet. Additionally, the Camptown Museum was expanded to include a second floor, home to the gift shop and several exhibit rooms, a police station was built near the beachside cliffs, and a coffee shop was constructed by the campground.


Population: 36

Registered Visitors

Visitor Count: 8

Visitors, event organizers, and traveling merchants are welcome to Camptown. Each traveling merchant is required to register with the Chamber of Commerce in order to open up shop in the town plaza or to offer their wares to passerby around town, including fortune teller Katrina, turnip vendor Joan, carpet merchant Saharah, and fine arts dealer Redd. Additionally, event organizers are welcome to work with the council to schedule events in town such as Chip's fishing tourneys and Zipper T. Bunny's Bunny Day events. Others are simply tourists and travelers enjoying their visit to Camptown as they pass through, such as badge collector Phineas and Gulliver the sailor.

Bold indicates visitor is also a registered guest of the campground.

Campground Visitors

Camper Count: 14

Tourists wishing to stay at the Camptown Campground are welcome to register and book their trip to the campground with Harvey, where they will be able to enjoy entertainment and park their RV on site overnight. Recently, a cliffside camping site opened up in town, allowing campers to spend the night overlooking the sea, a short distance from the lighthouse.

Former Residents

The following are former residents of Camptown, having moved away to a new village. Sometimes, former residents will come back to Camptown to visit and shop on Main Street.

Tortimer Island

The Camptown Chamber of Commerce developed a partnership with Tortimer Island, which is run by the town's former mayor, Tortimer. The trade agreement aims to drive tourism to the resort island known for its extravagant tours and in return export fish, insects, and fruit harvested from the island archipelago to Camptown, in addition to renting out the dock to the island's shuttle boat. On Tortimer Island is the tour office where guests may arrange transportation with Kapp'n, place reservations with Leilani for tours that are operated by Tortimer, or browse the gift shop that is run by Grams. Outside is a beach with palm trees and access to the waters to fish or dive.

Pocket Camp

In the mountains is a popular campsite known as Pocket Camp that is frequented by a number of tourists and is run by Isabelle, who serves as the assistant manager of the campsite. The campsite manager is a young man named Charlie and has recently taken over operations of the camp, as he manages the layout of the campgrounds as well as the amenities available to guests. He also maintains the nearby flower gardens and works to fulfill requests in order to approve the applications of incoming guests. Since then, a number of tourists have visited the campsite, though only 8 guests may reside at the campsite at any given time. This exclusivity has positively impacted the camp's brand as flocks of tourists have visited the region with hopes of being invited to visit the campsite and join its membership list.

In addition to the campsite run by Charlie and Isabelle, the surrounding destinations have proven popular among tourists, with many setting up tents or parking their campers, including at Lost Lure Creek, Sunburst Island, Saltwater Shores, and Breezy Hollow. A number of event organizers have begun hosting tourneys at the campsite, the shores, and the rivers, providing entertainment and a fun atmosphere for the campers. After the camp saw tremendous growth, Isabelle and Charlie opened up a cabin as more lodging for tourists visiting the mountains. Since its opening, the cabin has undergone renovations and re-opened as a cafe, complete with a coffee counter and dining room, as well as a lounge with a stage for live musical performances. Eventually, a second floor was built atop the cabin, allowing for additional space and beds for the lodgers.

West of the campsite is the marketplace, which is an outdoor shopping plaza with a rotating selection of vendors where tourists can browse the wares available for sale that day. Taking advantage of the business boom are Timmy and Tommy of Nookling Global, Mable and Sable of Able Sisters To Go, and Kicks of Kicks. When not welcoming guests at the campsite, Isabelle can be found at the marketplace where she set up a tent as an office to meet with guests and process paperwork.

To the north are additional businesses beneficial to tourists and the campsite management alike. OK Motors, an auto garage specializing in camper customization, is run by a trio of ravens named Giovanni, Carlo, and Beppe. They are able to expand the interior of campers as well as provide a variety of paint jobs. The local branch of the Happy Home Academy allows for members to present their interior design skills and earn medals in each class to advance through the ranks of the academy. The Shovelstrike Quarry is full of ore that visitors may mine and exchange for crafting materials and bells, depending on the rarity of the gems dug up.

Welcomed Guests

Guest Count: 73

Vendors and Business Owners

Bold indicates vendor is also an invited guest of the campsite.