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Hey, I'm MyDearDeirdre!

I'm quite new to Nookipedia, feel free to delete my edits if I messed up. I have school, so be aware I can't be active all the time everyday, but I try to be on often, so... yeah.

I mostly do small and minor edits, don't expect huge stuff...

My New Leaf town is Pinkston, and my New Horizons island is Pinky Isle. Don't ask, I just like the names. Ummm... I have nothing else to say, so I'll leave a list of my dreamies, and my reasons why.

Details and Titbits
  • I'm a
Apple NH Villager Icon.png
This user is a WikiHamster. This user likes to make small changes!

. I have Apple, the logo for the Wiki Hamsters on my island!

  • My favorite animal in the game is the elephants!
  • I visit Inkipedia to read it, occasionally editing mistakes. Splatoon 2 is one of my favorite games! Same applies for Bulbapedia, but almost never editing.

I know I need to make this part longer... but I don't care, lol.

New Horizons Dreamies..... <3

1.Kabuki, cranky cat.Because he was a starter in my New Leaf town, and he's sweet...

2.Deirdre, uchi deer. Just..duh. I built her house in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and she grew on me.

3.Merengue, normal rhinoceros. She is both sweet, cute, and quirky, despite being normal.

4.Cephalobot, smug octopus. He's just a cool character.

5.Ione, normal. She is a beautiful little squirrel, and I like her...

6.Sherb, lazy goat. He matches with Merengue and Ione well, and he is sweet and cute.

7.Sasha, lazy rabbit. They are sooooo cute and kawaii! (I say they because he is rather feminine)

8.Tia, normal elephant. Wow, I like normals don't I... but she is so sweet!

9.Chai, peppy elephant. Her and Tia just match perfectly!

10.Merry, peppy or Lolly, normal, I love them both the same. (I think.....) both of them are cats.

  • My New Horizons starters were Sylvia and Axel.
  • I have some honourable mentions for my dreamie list. Erik, Olivia, Lily and Flora.
  • I had a previous account called MerengueTheRhino.
  • I wish Pusheen (a chubby grey cat cartoon) and the Animal Crossing (series) would do a crossover!

Last page update: December 14th 2021