Sea Creatures

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Type of prominent furniture ? Block  
Super Mario
? Block
Buy price Sell price
Not for sale  700 Bells
Obtain via  Crafting
 Chip (Randomly reaching a total size goal)
Event Super Mario Crossover
Fishing Tourney 12
Theme Hip
2.0 x 2.0  2.0 × 2.0
Crafting recipe ACPC Campground logo.png 80× 1-Up Mushrooms
 100 Bells
Crafting time 01.00.00
Rarity ★★
Reissue recipe Reissue Material PC Icon.png 5× Reissue Material
HH Material PC Icon.png 1× HH Material
ACPC Campground logo.png 3× Sparkle Stone
Hip Essence PC Icon.png 30× Hip Essence
Steel PC Icon.png 50× Steel
 12000 Bells
Reissue crafting time 08.00.00
Reaction Gives your guests something to jump for.
Fishing Tourney 12:
Obtain a total size goal of 10600cm, 11400cm, 12200cm, 13000cm, 13800cm, or 14600cm, 15200cm, and every 600cm interval after 15200cm
In other games
Animal Crossing (? Block)
New Horizons (? Block)
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