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Currently, there are 768 categories. All categories should eventually lead to the root.

Category:Animal Crossing

Categories related to the Animal Crossing series'.
For information about subcategories, see Category Map/Category:Animal Crossing

For items found in Animal Crossing series'. If an item doesn't belong to any of the subcategories, it's in the Items category.
Pages with lists inside of them - furniture lists, villager lists, critter lists.
Articles and categories regarding locations in 'Animal Crossing series'. Articles can appear in multiple categories here.
Articles on vehicles in 'Animal Crossing series'.

Cameo appearances of Animal Crossing in other games or of other games in Animal Crossing. All should be noted in the Cameos article with a link to main article, if applicable. Main articles belong to this category as well.


Categories that contain images. (TBA)
For information about subcategories, see Category Map/Category:Images (TBA)


Categories related to Nookipedia.
For information about subcategories, see Category Map/Category:Nookipedia

Categories used for administrative means. Pages will get added to those categories through template, do not add pages manually.
Useful if you're looking for an article to improve.
Articles in this category are featured on the Main Page
Contains help pages.
Contains temlates that are used on the Main Page
Contains links to pages with things to maintain from time to time, e.g. uncategorized files/pages or redirect problems.
Contains policies of Nookipedia.
Projects are a way of improving Nookipedia.
Contains templates for various uses.
All about the user ranks from regular users all the way to directors. The tools accessible to them and what they can do and help with.


Images and articles that can not be categorized in any other category.

Category:Real world

Categories containing articles and subcategories regarding the real world.

Real World museum photos (so that the images don't clutter articles; probably not needed though)
Website screenshots (so that it doesn't clutter Category:Websites)

Deleted categories:

  • Merchandise Images



Articles and categories regarding the species in Animal Crossing series'.
Subcategories contain the general species' articles and the characters of the species.
Main category contains general species' articles, including ones that do not have category.
Shouldn't include critter species.

Pocket Camp

┌ Pocket Camp images
├─┬ Pocket Camp sprites (use inventory textures)
│ └┬ Pocket Camp amenity sprites
│  ├ Pocket Camp clothing sprites
│  ├ Pocket Camp villager pictures
│  ├ Pocket Camp furniture sprites
├──┼ Pocket Camp icons 
│  └┬ Pocket Camp character icons
│   ├ Pocket Camp crafting material icons
│   ├ Pocket Camp cookie icons (use the cookie opening textures)
│   ├ Pocket Camp fish icons
│   ├ Pocket Camp garden icons
│   └ Pocket Camp RV icons
├── Pocket Camp promos (images from the announcements)
├── Pocket Camp screenshots
└── Pocket Camp model renders