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Categories related to Nookipedia.

Category:Administrative categories

Categories used for administrative means. Pages will get added to those categories through template, do not add pages manually.
Useful if you're looking for an article to improve.

Categories that are hidden using the magic word. Most of the administrative categories are hidden.


  1. Was moved from Category:Archived Pages which still contains a page.
  2. Research Needed template.
  3. Update template.
  4. Cleanup template.
  5. To-do template.
  6. Expansion template.
  7. Theory template. Shouldn't be used much.
  8. Construction template.
  9. cn (citation needed) template.
  10. Deprecated template.
  11. Disambig template.
  12. Section template.
  13. Image template.
  14. Image-transparency template.
  15. Image-quality template.
  16. Music Wanted template.
  17. Pages that are not linked to.
  18. Trivia template.
  19. Delete template.
  20. Merge template.
  21. Move Request template.
  22. Stub template.


Articles in this category are featured on the Main Page


Contains help pages.

Category:Main Page Templates

Contains temlates that are used on the Main Page


Contains links to pages with things to maintain from time to time, e.g. uncategorized files/pages or redirect problems.


Contains policies of Nookipedia.


Projects are a way of improving Nookipedia.


Contains templates for various uses.

Category:User ranks

All about the user ranks from regular users all the way to directors. The tools accessible to them and what they can do and help with.


Fan pages.