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Human Smug Male
Birthday August 20th {{{sign}}}
Phrase boop
Clothes Custom Shirt
Saying Old-fahsioned hurgusburgus.
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hello there, my name is Rick and I help out here sometimes I guess. obviously since I am here I like Animal Crossing, but I've only played two games, being the 3DS ones. therefore most of my contributions will be for those games, but I try to help out whenever I can. besides Animal Crossing I like lots of other series such as Mario, Pokémon, Kirby, Legend of Zelda, Starfy, EarthBound, Smash Bros, Professor Layton, the list goes on. idk what else to put here so I guess that's all. :P

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Moved out[edit]

Note: 99% of these were not on purpose lol except if it says they were bad



Dream Town[edit]

This is not anything I have but it is a list of (more than 10) villagers that I like the most. I already have Alfonso, and some of these lived in my town before but have left tragically