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Hello there. I created an account on December 30th, 2019, but only actually started doing stuff on March 12th, 2020. Don't know why but I waited like 2 months to do things.

Pocket Camp was my first Animal Crossing game, but New Horizons will be my first mainline game.

I'm also active on other wikis: Random Penguins14 (Super Mario Wiki). Note that my user page there isn't that developed but whatever.


  • Update/add the house images for villagers in NH, and change the item images to match the color it is in their house.

Leafy Isle

Leafy Isle is the name of my island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. My native fruit are apples, and my first two villagers were Pierce and Renée, followed by Broccolo, Celia, then Merry. Then Hippeux arrived through the campsite. I then went on Mystery Island Tours and got Freckles, Merengue, Baabara, and Hornsby. After awhile, I decided it was time to get a cranky villager and when Merry decided to leave I let her go and went hunting again, and I got Static, my most recent villager!


Pierce NH Villager Icon.png Renée NH Villager Icon.png Broccolo NH Villager Icon.png Celia NH Villager Icon.png Hippeux NH Villager Icon.png Freckles NH Villager Icon.png Merengue NH Villager Icon.png Hornsby NH Villager Icon.png Baabara NH Villager Icon.png Static NH Villager Icon.png


Merry NH Villager Icon.png

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