From Nookipedia, the Animal Crossing wiki This is what Lily (Me in ACCF) looked like when she started. This would be my Town called grace. You can see me (lily) in the backround. Moniqueo is my friend, but I added the 'O' to her name, Keith is my dad, Lylia is my sister (Name is wrong, suppoesed to be Lyla) and of course, I am lily.

I'm reneemarie10, and I have been playing Animal Crossing: City Folk for a couple of years now.

Animal Crossing is the only game I play on the Wii, but I do play the other games. My favorite villagers are Nibbles, Drake, Peggy and Kiki, who has the same birthday as me. My favorite thing to do is decorating my house and going to the city. I also like buying new clothes and helping out villagers. Oh, and I also like going to see K.K. Slider at 8:00! Although I haven't been playing Animal Crossing in a while, I still think about it. I write books about Animal Crossing (in my own words and characters) and talk to my friend about it, because she plays too. Please read and write on my talk! I have some tips that are interesting. Also, I play ACCF like, everyday, so you can always friend me sometime. And check out my sister's page! She has the codes, just friend me first!!!!

More about me....

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