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About Wolfgang

I won't reveal my real name, but I live in Bahrain an Arabian Island. I like playing Animal Crossing as it's my favourite game, which makes it the reason for me to join this wiki.

The reason I am editing in many wikis, is to meet many new users, make friends, improve my communication with others, along with learning many new things, facts and informaion. Also, to improve my writing skills.

Some facts about me

To Do List

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Animal Crossing

My town name is "Spain" in Animal Crossing: City Folk because I played that game the Spain won the Fifa World Cup 2010. My village name in Animal Crossing: Wild World is "France", as I liked how France played in Fifa World Cup 2006. I am really rich in this game, as I like collecting money, but I become really poor soon after it! My favourite villager in Animal Crossing: Wild World is Whitney, while in Animal Crossing: City Folk my favourite is Biskit.

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