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Hey everyone! I was a bit nervous to contribute to a place like Nookipedia, but I finally did it! Though I first started doing it in private, I have decided to do it with an account now. I don't know yet how much or how often I'll edit, but I guess we'll see in the future! As you may be able to tell with my username, I am a fan of Pokémon and my favourite Pokémon is Sirfetch'd. I also believe that Tom Nook is a scammer, which is evident in my island's name. I think I should also mention I'm new to Wiki editing and I haven't played Animal Crossing in a long time, so if I provide wrong info it's because I just simply forgot.

My Userboxes

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Villager (Female) aF Character Icon.png This user is female.
May 17 This user shares their birthday with Gayle, the normal alligator.
StupidNook This user's town is called StupidNook.

I don't see myself being active on here anytime in the future but I will probably return for a new update THAT IS ACTUALLY AN UPDATE NOT JUST RE-ADDING EVENTS AND NOOK SHOPPING SEASONAL ITEMS!!!