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Some thoughts on what to do with the userboxes. Feedback is welcome on the talkpage or forum topic.

Video Games

Animal Crossing Games

Now Later
{{PGfirst}}, {{WWfirst}}, {{CFfirst}}, {{NLfirst}} {{UB First AC}}
{{AF+Owns}}, {{AC}}, {{AFe+Owns}}, {{ACWW}}, {{ACCF}}, {{NLOwns}} {{UB Owns AC}}
{{SSBM}}, {{SSBB}} {{UB Owns SSB}}

Other Series

Now Later
{{Earthbound}}, {{Endless Ocean}}, {{F-Zero}}, {{Final Fantasy}}, {{Fire Emblem}}, {{HGSS}}, {{Kirby}}, {{Zelda}}, {{Mario}}, {{Metroid}}, {{Pikmin}}, {{Pokemon}}, {{Sailor Moon}}, {{Star Fox}}, {{Sonic}}, {{Ty}}, {{Yoshi}} UB Fan <Name>

Advanced Userbox

Code Later
{{game|(<logo>)|(<logo background>)|(<Wikipedia Page>)|(<name>)|(<text color>)|(<link color>)|(<background color>)|(<outline color>)}} Delete, use normal userbox template

Gaming systems

Now Later
{{NESowns}}, {{SNESowns}}, {{N64owns}}, {{GameCube}}, {{Wii}}, {{Wii U}}, {{Game Boy}}, {{Game Boy Color}}, {{GBA}}, {{DS}}, {{DS Lite}}, {{DSi}}, {{DSi XL}}, {{3DS}}, {{3DS XL}}, {{2DS}} {{UB Owns Nintendo Console}}, {{UB Owns Nintendo Handheld}}
{{PS3}} {{UB Owns PS3}}
{{Xbox 360}} ({{UB Owns XB360}}), {{UB Owns XBO}} {{UB Owns Xbox}}

Real World


Now Later
{{user country|<(country)>|<(flag)>}} {{UB Country From}}
{{user home|<(country)>|<(flag)>}} {{UB Country Home}}
{{user wish|<(country)>|<(flag)>}} {{UB Country Wish}}


Now Later
{{Algerian}}, {{American}}, {{Australian}}, {{Antarctican}}, {{Brazilian}}, {{British}}, {{Canadian}}, {{French}}, {{German}}, {{Greek}}, {{Irish}}, {{Israeli}}, {{Italian}}, {{Japanese}}, {{Mexican}}, {{New Zealander}}, {{Norwegian}}, {{Puerto Rican}}, {{Scottish}}, {{Spanish}}, {{South Korean}}, {{Welsh}} UB <Nationality>


Now Later
{{Wantlanguage|<1st letters of language>|<Language>}} {{UB Lang Want}}
{{1stlanguage|<1st 2 letters of language>|<Language>}} {{UB Lang First}}
{{Learnlanguage|<1st 2 letters of language>|<language>}} {{UB Lang Learning}}
{{Fluentlanguage|<1st 2 letters of language>|<language>}} {{UB Lang Fluent}}


Now Later
{{user age|<(age)>}} {{UB Age}}
{{male}}, {{female}} {{UB Gender}}
{{Color|<(color)>}} {{UB Fav Color}}
{{Timezone|<(timezone)>}} {{UB Timezone}}

Social Network

Now Later
{{Facebook}} {{UB Facebook}}
{{Twitter}} {{UB Twitter}}



Now Later
{{Nocturnal}} {{UB Nocturnal}}
{{Pastime EditsWiki}} {{UB Bored}}
{{Patroller}},{{Admin}},{{Bcrat}},{{Director}} {{UB Staff}}
{{Trustee}} {{UB Trustee}}


Now Later Alt.
{{furniture group}} {{UB Project Furniture}} Merge all into UB Project Old
{{FBP}} {{UB Project FBP}}
{{projectuserbox}} {{UB Userboxes}}
{{PTown}} {{UB Project Town}}

Edit Count

Now Later
{{1}}, {{10}}, {{25}}, {{50}}, {{100}}, {{150}}, {{200}}, {{250}}, {{300}}, {{400}}, {{500}}, {{750}}, {{1000}}, {{1500}}, {{2000}}, {{2500}}, {{5000}}, {{7500}}, {{10000}}, {{15000}} {{UB Edit Rank}}



Now Later
{{WikiCat}}, {{WikiGoon}}, {{WikiKing}}, {{WikiKnight}}, {{WikiMercenary}}, {{WikiOtter}}, {{WikiPeacock}}, {{WikiPig}}, {{WikiPolice}}, {{WikiPuppy}}, {{WikiTrout}}, {{WikiWitch}}, {{WikiZombie}} UB <Name>


Now Later
{{WikiSoldier}}, {{WikiDwarf}}, {{WikiAnt}}, {{WikiLord}}, {{WikiTermite}}, {{WikiHamster}}, {{WikiBunny}}, {{WikiSaurus}}, {{WikiMeerkat}}, {{WikiDuck|<(section)>}}, {{WikiHawk}}, {{WikiBird}}, {{WikiCryptid}} UB <Name>

Wiki Eras

Now Later
{{OldEra}}, {{PsaEra}}, {{NewEra}}, {{EntEra}}, {{MagEra}}, {{MetaEra}}, {{5anEra}}, {{SldEra}} {{UB Era}}


Now Later
{{ACC}} {{UB ACC}}
{{NIWA}} {{UB NIWA}}



Now Later Alt.
{{Rod1}}, {{Rod2}}, {{Rod3}} UB Rod {{UB Tool}}
{{Net1}}, {{Net2}}, {{Net3}} UB Net
{{Axe1}}, {{Axe2}}, {{Axe3}} UB Axe
{{Shovel1}}, {{Shovel2}}, {{Shovel3}} UB Shovel
{{Slingshot1}}, {{Slingshot2}}, {{Slingshot3}} UB Slingshot
{{Can1}}, {{Can2}}, {{Can3}} UB Can
{{Timer}} UB Timer
{{Megaphone}} UB Megaphone

Fish & Bugs

Now Later
{{best bug|<insect>}} {{UB Fav Bug}}
{{worst bug|<insect>}} {{UB LFav Bug}}
{{bug fan}} {{UB Fan Bug}}
{{best fish|<fish>}} {{UB Fav Fish}}
{{worst fish|<fish>}} {{UB LFav Fish}}
{{fishing fan}} {{UB Fan Fishing}}


Now Later
{{series|<series>}} {{UB Fav Series}}
{{furniture fan}} {{UB Fan Furniture}}
{{umbrella|<name>|<image>}} {{UB Fav Umbrella}}
{{Gyroid|<(name)>}} {{UB Fav Gyroid}}

Player Info

Now Later
{{userbox birthday|<(name)>|<(type)>|<(species)>|<(D.O.B)>}} {{UB Bday Shared}}
{{BirthBetween|<(name)>|<(type)>|<(species)>|<(name)>|<(type)>|<(species)>|<(D.O.B.)>}} {{UB Bday Between}}
{{villagerfavourite|<name>|<image.extension>}} {{UB Fav Villager}}
{{towname|<Town name>}} {{UB Town Name}}
{{Superhero}}, {{Sidekick}}, {{Villain}} {{UB Super}}
{{FavMusic|<(song)>}} {{UB Fav Music}}

Fans of Special Characters

Now Later
{{Nook}}, {{TandT}}, {{Mabel}}, {{Sable}}, {{Labelle}}, {{Gracie}}, {{Redd}}, {{Kicks}}, {{Harriet}}, {{Lyle}}, {{Katrina}}, {{Blathers}}, {{Brewster}}, {{Shrunk}}, {{Celeste}}, {{Phineas}}, {{Lloid}}, {{Tortimer}}, {{Pelly}}, {{Phyllis}}, {{Frillard}}, {{Serena}}, {{Farley}}, {{Joan}}, {{Zipper T.}}, {{Resetti}}, {{Don}}, {{Gulliver}}, {{Blanca}}, {{Wendell}}, {{Chip}}, {{Nat}}, {{K.K. Slider}}, {{Pascal}}, {{Pete}}, {{Kapp'n}}, {{Snowman}}, {{Rover}}, {{Saharah}}, {{Cornimer}} UB Fan <Character>
TODO: {{Franklin}}, {{Fans of Isabelle}}, {{Jingle}}, {{Pave}}, {{Clerk}}, {{Birdy}}, {{Wishy}}, {{Wisp}},

Fans of Villagers

Now Later
{{Fans of Antonio}}, {{Pierce}}, more? {{UB Fan Villager}}