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Game Animal Crossing: City Folk
Creation date 2010
Native fruit Fruit Peach NH Icon.png Peaches

Cloud 9 is a town created in 2010 in Animal Crossing: City Folk. It was based in my dad's apartment.

Me the Player

Name: Kody
Bugs: ?/64
Fish: ?/64


What I Think About Them

  • Aloriginal- He scares me but is kinda nice
  • Bill- AWESOME, he is also is a awesome, and did I mention awesome?
  • Camofrog- Seems like he will be awesome and will import his food
  • Derwin- What a disappointment, I have the 2 worst food dudes in my town
  • Gloriaoriginal- My only interaction is that she will take me under her wing
  • Merry- I was preying for a nice cat!
  • Rasheroriginal- He is warming up to me
  • Sallyoriginal- She looks sad, but is nice
  • Sydney- She seems very nice, and I was preying for a koala

Previous Residents

  1. Macoriginal- My neighbor and my fav villager. You will be missed.
  2. Wendyoriginal- Why must the good leave young... WHY
  3. Gwen- the devil - horns and all- and had in Wild World. WORST NEIGHBOR