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Game Animal Crossing: City Folk

Nutmeg is a town in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

Me the Player

Name: Kole
Bugs: ?/64
Fish: ?/64


What I Think About Them

  • Apollo- Numero Dos of the man divas in Nutmeg, have in Pieville
  • Averyoriginal- One of the man divas of town, but the better one
  • Bree- The newbie of Nutmeg, apparently she hates mailmen (poor Pete)
  • Cubeoriginal- The name says it all, he is a nice chilled back d-d-dude
  • Jeremiah- Thinks I'm a good fisher, loves food-awesome
  • Jitters- From friends town, love him
  • Midgeoriginal- A sweetheart that always is nice
  • Pattyoriginal- Not much interaction, but a nice neighbor
  • Peggy- The peppy snooty girl of the town, from friends town
  • Tank- The muscle dude who is awesome

Previous Residents

  1. Kittyoriginal- Will be missed, moved to Sinkvile
  2. Miranda- Whoa... From the top, she is a blob of pink, like Kitty, moved to Sinkvile, but for Kitty, that was good
  3. Blaire- Sweet for a diva
  4. Antonio- How dare he move. He was the squat champion...