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Sinkvile map2.jpg
Game Animal Crossing: City Folk
Creation date January, 2009
Native fruit Fruit Orange NH Icon.png Oranges

Sinkvile is my first town I ever created for an Animal Crossing series game; it is an Animal Crossing: City Folk town.

Basic Info

Sinkvile was my first town from the Animal Crossing series series, I got the game for Christmas, 2008 and started playing mid-January. The native fruit are oranges, but we have all the fruits. The town has 3 bridges, a fountain, and a windmill. The museum has a complete fossil and fish exhibit, with only 2 more bugs left! There was a period when there were no lazy villagers in town.


The orange house is my house. The house to the north is Savannah and south is Francine. The house near nooks between the 2 bridges is my father, Dave, and he is a huge fishing fan and has a small garden on either side of his house. West of his house is Sterling's. Tutu is southeast of Dave's house. On the beach, all alone, is Harry with his bonfire in his bathroom... Next is my mother, Carol, and her neighbors below town hall. Near the bridge is Marina, then a small garden between her and Genji, with a path between my mothers house and their house. In the southeast corner of town is Limberg's layer. The northeast section with the museum and The Able Sisters is where Zel lives with his neighbors, Bob, to the south, and Tabby, to the east.

The Characters


SuperAlpaca Sinkvile.jpg

Bugs: 61/64
Fish: 62/64

Friend Code:


  1. Giant Snakehead
  2. Lobster

  1. Giant Petaltail
  2. Walkingstick
  3. Tarantula

Triple B

Triple B is the name of my shop. The name comes from the abbreviation of the store name, Blaine's Bargain Basement.


Bugs: ?/64
Fish: ?/64
My mom, she rarely plays and needs many bugs and fish.


Bugs: ?/64
Fish: 62/64
My dad, he plays daily and is very close to a golden fishing rod and still needs some bugs.


Bugs: ?/64
Fish: ?/64
Rarely plays, used mainly for second gyroid storage.


What I Think About Them

  • Cesar- Freakshow...
  • Filbert- Nice, but what is he wearing?!
  • Gala- The day she moved in, I got a letter from a different Gala...
  • Genji- He is my favorite villager, he also stands in flowers for fun
  • Harry- He walks a ton
  • Mint- She is nice and squirrels are just plain awesome
  • Sterling- He is just plain awesome
  • Tabby- Kinda scary looking but nice
  • Wolfgang- Finally a good villager, we were getting bad ones... have in Pieville

Previous Residents

  1. Euniceoriginal- *sniff*
  2. Bunnieoriginal- She was okay, still miss her
  3. Twiggy- Moved to friends town
  4. Booneoriginal- TGI moving time
  5. Kody- He brought me my B-day cake :c
  6. Eloiseoriginal- She just didn't like my mother, she loved me, though
  7. Peggy- From my friends town, stalked her, moved to my town, left to Nutmeg
  8. Patty- Lived in Sinkvile and Nutmeg, one had to leave
  9. Grizzlyoriginal- Not the best, glad he left
  10. Curly- Friend loved, finally moved to her town a few months later
  11. Ed- How dare you leave, from friends aunt/uncle's town
  12. Kitty- From Nutmeg, kinda nice
  13. Jay- My little muscle dude...
  14. Miranda- See notice below
  15. Derwinoriginal- He was a weird food dude...
  16. Pango- Kicked out so there would be a lazy villager in town, she is also ugly
  17. Daisy- A HUGE sweetheart and one of my favorites! How dare she move...
  18. Ruby- Left randomly, one of my best friends...
  19. Bob- Left randomly again, will be truly missed... *sniff*
  20. Limberg- A grumpy dude who imports his food, gotta love him, curse him for moving, though
  21. Savannah- Have in Pieville, will be missed, hopefully making room for a villager that just left a friends town...
  22. Marina- Stayed in house, then we started gossiping about not liking her, so she came out more. the first to move in...
  23. Francine- The last spot was filled with her, and she delivered my second b-day cake...
  24. Tutu- Go to and search for "evil" and she will appear
  25. Tiffany- Really nice, yet scary... she thought she was Tabby...


EVERYONE! Miranda is leaving! I walked into her house and her boxes are packed!!! Christmas dreams do come true... RayTalk 2 me 23:35, December 9, 2009 (UTC)