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Game Doubutsu no Mori e+
Creation date May 8th2010

Sushi is my town for Doubutsu no Mori e+. It is in Japanese, so it is quite confusing. The game was started May 8, 2010.

Basic Info

Sushi's native fruit are apples, with that being the only fruit. The town started out with three out of six mice. Then, the first one to move in after that was another mouse!

Me, the Player

  • Name: ???
  • Bugs: 5/48
  • Fish: 9/48


What I Think About Them & Nicknames

Since I don't know Japanese, to remember who the freak people are talking about, I nickname them based on the Japanese name.

  • Apollooriginal (???)- Niceish, have in Pieville and Nutmeg
  • Chico (71-Person-)- Unknown
  • Doraoriginal (C Ladybug)- Very sweet, have in Xukinni
  • Filbertoriginal (???)- AWESOME!!!! Have in Sinkvile and Tomasto's favourite villager
  • Pennyoriginal (ZTE)- Unknown
  • Rhodaoriginal (7T3Y)- She makes funny noises
  • Samsonoriginal (???)- He is doing things with the bushes...
  • Wart Jr. (???)- Had in Pieville, hated

Previous Residents

None, so far!