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Game Animal Crossing

Xukinni (intentional misspelling) is my town from Animal Crossing.

Me the Player

Name: Zel
Bugs: 1/40
Fish: 10/40


What I Think About Them

  • Cheri- Call 911! RUN
  • Coco- Nice, but kinda ugly...
  • Dora- So sweet!!!!!!!
  • Huggyoriginal- Take a chill pill, or come check on me if you miss me
  • Kikioriginal- So sweet ♥
  • Monique- The mean queen
  • Ozzie- The best food dude
  • Paolooriginal- Thinks I lost 5 pounds... wish that were real
  • Purrloriginal- can be mean, but very sweet
  • Static- Very funny, adorable
  • Scoot- Seems like a very cool muscle dude
  • Tadoriginal- An awesome little frog
  • Truffles- My new UBFF (Ugly Best Friend Forever)
  • Vladimiroriginal- What is with that shirt...

Previous Residents

  1. Daisy- OMG!!! My Christmas present! Why must she leave....
  2. Eunice- EEEEEEEH. Missed so much from Sinkvile! Kinda mean, though...
  3. Peaches- Shared a b-day with my mom, never said hi to...