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Animal Crossing Logo.png This user's first Animal Crossing game was Animal Crossing.
Animal Crossing.jpg This user owns Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube.
Cityfolkbox.jpg This user owns Animal Crossing: City Folk for Wii.
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15 This user is 15 years old.
purple This user's favorite color is purple. This user's favorite villager is Walker.
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Species Personality Gender
Human Cranky it's a secret
Birthday 07-03-2002 {{{sign}}}
Phrase heck
Clothes trench coat, oval shades, argyle socks, and shearling boots
Saying qeeqee"
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Basic info[edit]

Teliact (Adrian) is a real life human being who happened to join this wiki on the fourth of August, 2017. I AM NOT A VILLAGER I just thought this was a fun page idea..


She sports a beige trench coat ingame along with shearling boots, argyle socks, and oval shades. Her other main outfit consists of a blue flannel shirt, black formal pants, argyle socks, and black loafers. She almost never wears a head item. She has blue or green eyes most of the time, and her hair is the "very casual, loose and wavy, laid-back" female type. She maintains a level 0 to level 3 tan, it is never level 4 or level 5.


Adrian has a personality that corresponds to the male villager personality type of cranky. She is often irritable and keeps to herself. She opens up to a few people, but other than them, she's fairly mean and quiet. She is fairly intelligent and she loves music more than anything else. She has noted some of her favorite bands and her favorite song by each band below.

band 5 favorite songs by that band
Two Door Cinema Club Gameshow, Sun, Sleep Alone, Eat That Up It's Good For You, Lavender
STRFKR Never Ever, Open Your Eyes, Last Words, Mona Vegas, Julius
Temples Mystery Of Pop, I Wanna Be Your Mirror, The Golden Throne, Sun Structures, The Guesser
The Hoosiers Rules, A Sadness Runs Through Him, Rocket Star, Everything Goes Dark, Up To No Good
Mother Mother The Sticks, Ghosting, Verbatim, Getaway, Jump The Fence
File:TeliactPicACNL.png qeeqee
Siblings 3
Skill ??
Goal Guitarist
Fear losing a loved one
Clothing Smallcheckmark.png Official
Smallxmark.png Cute
Color Purple
Ideal Gifts for Teliact – Purple Official Items
Name Price Available From
24-Hour-Shop Uniform - DLC (Japan)
Sweater-Vest 420 Ables (All)
Pilot's Hat 960 Accessory Corner
Purple Pumps 480 Kicks
More Purple Items More Official Items


  • Her 3DS friend code is 4571-0271-6174.
  • Her town's current name is Flormica. Past names include Frogtown, and Wolfland even though she dislikes wolves very much.
  • Adrian's character's name shows as Adrienne ingame. This is due to the fact that her birthname is Adrienne, but she prefers Adrian.

Whew. Typing in the third person is hard, but fun. you can find me more often on these sites: