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Cat Isle This user's town is called Cat Isle.
Bob NH Villager Icon.png This user shares their birthday with Bob, the lazy cat.
This user is Canadian This user is Canadian.
PC Logo English.png This user's first Animal Crossing game was Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.
PC Logo English.png This user has Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp installed on their mobile device.
Bob NH Villager Icon.png This user is a fan of Bob.
blue This user's favorite color is blue.
This user has edited the wiki more than 1 time. (Newcomer Status)

Villager (Male) aF Character Icon.png This user is male.
Bug NH Icon.png This user's favourite bug is the moth.
UB LFav Bug.png This user's least favourite bug is the wasp.
Fish NH Icon.png This user's favorite fish is the frog.
UB LFav Fish.png This user's least favorite fish is the sea bass.
K.K. Slider CF Icon.png This user's favorite K.K. Slider song is Welcome Horizons.