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Hate him!!! I think if Tom Nook the bozo can be mean and avoid taxes on a deserted island and only care for money, he will. (oh but only he already has the greedy guts)
I am a hater of TOM NOOK!! (I mean its pretty obvious due to the stuff above)
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I am a hater of.. Redd!! What with FRAUD paintings and high priced goods. (no wonder I hate 2 people who hate each other!)

About Me

Hi. I'm nook gamer 333! I love all the dogs in New Horizons and before. I live on happy. I am an autoconfirmed user. I love bunny, she is my favourite villager. Sadly, she doesn't live on my island. On my island I have:

Benjamin Walker Bill Mott Butch Hans Eunice Al Bianca Rory

My island has cherrys.I have New Horizons. I like Nookipedia and have been reading for a while. Then I got an account.

I love doggies

My Island

Rory_NH.png|Rory benjamin_NH.png|benjamin binaca_NH.png|binaca Walker_NH.png|Walker bill_NH.png|bill bunch_NH.png|bunch enuice_NH.png|enuice Mott_NH.png|Mott hans_NH.png|hans Al_NH.png|AL </gallery>

Favourite Residents From Past Towns/Islands

These villagers are legit. In loving memory....

Kool Place

Can't Remember the name

Glad they are gone!

If I were a villager.....

{{Infobox Villager | name = lulu | titlecolor = #0961f6 | textcolor = #fffce9 | image = bunny_NH.png | species = Dog | personality = Peppy/Normal | gender = Female | birthdaymonth = april | birthday = 20th | sign = Taurus | phrase = buddy | clothes1 = Morrocan Dress and Dreamy Unicorn Pochette

lulu is a normal/peppy female in the Animal Crossing series. She appears in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

In New Horizons,lulu has the snack Hobby, which means she can snak at will while indoors or outdoors whilst eating donut. She gets along well with certian people like benjamin and mott.


lulu is a bit of a prankster.


lulu is a female with a pink Morrocan Dress and a Dreamy Unicorn Pochette. She has long brown ears and a tuft of brown hair. She wears red Rimmed Glasses and has creamy yellow arms.


lulu has the excitable attitude from peppy villagers and the caring attitude of normal villagers.

Peppy/normal villagers tend to get excited when they see the player and run up when you are in a pitfall, give you some medicine when stung by wasps/bees and generally be easy to befriend. They can be offended by snooty and cranky villagers, due to their lack of running and watering flowers.


She does not have a house. Instead, she lives with a housemate. This housemate is either a peppy or normal villager.