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🧥The Jacketed Terrapin🐢
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Hello! I call myself "The Jacketed Terrapin", but you can also call me any of the nicknames listed at the end of the "Name Origin" section. I've been an editor on this wiki since September 23rd, 2015; however, I actually started under a different account in June 2015, but I couldn't remember the password to that account, so I made a new one and pretty much abandoned the old one.

Name Origin

Before my current name, I used to be called "TurtleCrossing" (with my old account being named "TurtleLovingGuy"), but I have decided to drop that name altogether because I wanted a name that I felt would identify me better (I initially formatted it as "JacketedTerrapin" before settling with the current name).

While you can probably guess the reasoning for my turtle-themed name and avatar, the jacket in my sona's design is based on an O'Neill jacket I got for Christmas of 2016 (I believe). What really stood out about this jacket for me was that it was covered in faux fur on the inside, thus providing extra warmth whenever it was cold somewhere and it was admittedly a very comfortable jacket to use as a pillow, too :P.

Do note that the jacket has been simplified for my design, as the real-life jacket has thin stripes in its design as well as sporting the O'Neill logo. The jacket also isn't quite that shade of blue, but I thought it looked nicer.

As a side note, you can call me by a few shorter nicknames. Some preferred names are "Terrapin", "Terra", or "T.J.".

My Relation to the Animal Crossing Series

My knowledge for Animal Crossing all started with Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which heavily represented the series despite it not even having a playable character in that game. While I never intended to get into the series at the time, I did have some curiosity for it, and I even watched an English fandub of the Movie (can't remember who did the dub I watched, though).

Somewhere in the early 2010s, I gained this new interest in a little web series called "Happy Tree Friends", and I thought it'd be pretty funny if I mixed a cute video game series with cute animal people with an internet cartoon that's similar in a way but has an emphasis on gore. Looking back at it, I am not really fond of the idea. (Fun fact: The fanfic's equivalent to Flippy was a male Villager, and this was long before the meme that depicts the Villager in Smash Bros. as a psychopathic serial killer)

Anyway, my real first Animal Crossing experience was with New Leaf in 2013. Ever since I got this game, I instantly became hooked and became so attached to it that I wanted to try out other games in the series. My first attempt to try the series' prior installments was by downloading an English patch for the Nintendo 64 game. It was working fine at first, but then it started to crash once it hit I believe Day 3. I then downloaded another English patch from a different website, but the same problem occurred, and it even gave my laptop a virus. Because of these issues, I have never attempted to download emulators since.

My first real pre-New Leaf game was City Folk in 2015, which probably wasn't the best game to start with in hindsight (grass deterioration, villagers saying the same thing over and over again until you enter/exit a building, villagers becoming sad 90% of the time if you don't accept their requests, etc.). That same year, I got Happy Home Designer, which was honestly fine for what it was, although it admittedly shouldn't've been $20.

In 2018, I got Wild World on the Wii U Virtual Console. I have considered getting the physical copy of the game back in maybe 2014 as my second Animal Crossing game, but what made me stop doing so is the fact that the final Tom Nook shop upgrade could not be unlocked without a another player buying an item from the 2nd-to-last upgrade, meaning you not only needed another copy of the game, but another system altogether; while I did have multiple Nintendo DS/3DS systems, the requirement for needing to have another copy pretty much turned me away from owning the physical version. Thankfully, the VC version removed that awful requirement, so I downloaded it with no problem.

In 2020, I got New Horizons. I was planning to get this game as a birthday gift, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic starting to make its rounds around March 2020, I instead had it pre-ordered and available to me by launch. For the first time in my experience with the series, I have actually went out of my way to fully complete the catalog (well, at least the non-furniture items, anyway. Locking the other variants behind stuff like balloons or Jolly Redd's is the absolute worst; so is making the two remaining fruits unobtainable without visiting someone's island).

My Sandboxes

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My New Horizons Item Checklist


Able Sisters:

  • Plover Cardigan (Black and Red unobtained) WINTER ONLY
  • Pocket Tee (Black, Green, Light Blue, Purple, and Red unobtained) SUMMER ONLY
  • Rainbow Sweater (Green, Red, and White unobtained) WINTER ONLY
  • Yodel Sweater (Camel, Light Gray, Off-White, and Orange unobtained) WINTER ONLY

From Mom:

  • Mom's Hand-Knit Sweater (Animal, Chicks, Flowers, M, Quilted Pattern, Star, and Teddy Bear unobtained) OBTAINED IN DECEMBER
  • Mom's Handmade Apron (Animal, Family, Flowers, Fruits, M, and Quilted Pattern unobtained) OBTAINED IN JUNE


  • DAL Pilot Jacket (from Dodo Airlines)


Able Sisters:

  • Boa Skirt (All variants unobtained; 8 variants in total) WINTER ONLY
  • Botanical Shorts (All variants unobtained, 2 variants in total) SUMMER ONLY
  • Down Skirt (All variants unobtained; 8 variants in total) WINTER ONLY
  • Dreamy Pants (Blue, Pink, and Yellow unobtained) WINTER ONLY
  • Knit Pants (All variants unobtained; 4 variants in total) WINTER ONLY
  • Plover Skirt (All variants unobtained; 3 variants in total) WINTER ONLY
  • Surfing Shorts (All variants unobtained; 5 variants in total) SUMMER ONLY
  • Yacht Shorts (Light Blue, Pink, and Purple unobtained) SUMMER ONLY


  • Torn Pants (Gray unobtained; Black variant obtained, but not in storage) RECYCLE BIN


Able Sisters:

  • Cold-Country Bunad (All variants unobtained; 3 variants in total) WINTER ONLY
  • Dazed Dress (All variants unobtained; 3 variants in total) SUMMER ONLY
  • Ice-Hockey Uniform (Blue, Green, Orange, White & Blue, and White & Red unobtained) WINTER ONLY
  • Long Down Coat (Beige, Black, Green, and White) WINTER ONLY
  • Long Pleather Coat (Black, Brown, and Purple) WINTER ONLY
  • Shorts Outfit (Blue and Pink unobtained) SUMMER ONLY
  • Simple Checkered Dress (Green and Pink unobtained) SUMMER ONLY
  • Sleeveless Shirtdress (Lime and Pink) SUMMER ONLY
  • Tropical Muumuu (All variants unobtained; 5 variants in total) SUMMER ONLY


Able Sisters:

  • Colorful Striped Knit Cap (Green, Light Blue, Purple, Red, and Yellow unobtained) WINTER ONLY
  • Prom Tiara (All variants unobtained; 2 variants in total) APRIL ONLY
  • Watermelon Hat (Unobtained) SUMMER ONLY


  • Alpinist Hat (Blue unobtained)
  • Geisha Wig (Black, Blue, Golden Yellow, and Green unobtained)
  • Kaffiyeh (Red and White unobtained)
  • Sombrero (Green, Natural & Green, Natural & Red, Navy Blue, Orange, and White unobtained)
  • Tam-o'-Shanter (Gray, Green, and Red unobtained)
  • Tubeteika (Purple unobtained)
  • Turban (Blue and Purple unobtained)
  • Veil (Blue unobtained)


  • Birthday Hat (Blue and Yellow unobtained) BIRTHDAY
  • DAL Cap (from Dodo Airlines)
  • New Year's Hat (All variants unobtained; 8 variants in total)
  • New Year's Silk Hat (Green, Pink, Purple, and Red unobtained)



  • Candy-Skull Mask (Orange unobtained) GULLIVER


  • Birthday Shades (Blue and Yellow unobtained) BIRTHDAY


Able Sisters:

  • Leg Warmers (All variants unobtained; 6 variants in total) WINTER ONLY






  • Cloth Shoulder Bag (Blue unobtained)
  • Foldover-Top Backpack (Green unobtained)
  • Gumdrop Shoulder Bag (Pop unobtained)
  • Hard-Shell Backpack (Blue unobtained)
  • Messenger Bag (Orange unobtained)
  • Pleather Shoulder Bag (Brown unobtained)
  • Retro Sports Bag (Blue and Red unobtained)
  • Sacoche Bag (Black unobtained)
  • Square Backpack (Pink unobtained)
  • Straw Pochette (Unobtained)
  • Town Backpack (Blue unobtained)
  • Traveler's Backpack (Brown unobtained)

From Dodo Airlines:

  • DAL Backpack (from Dodo Airlines)

From Mom in May:



  • DAL Umbrella (from Dodo Airlines)



  • Backyard-Fence Wall (obtained, but not in storage)



  • Galaxy Flooring (from Celeste)
  • Sci-Fi Flooring (from Celeste)



  • Aluminum Rug
  • Blue Blocks Rug
  • Blue Medium Round Mat
  • Botanical Rug
  • Brown Argyle Rug
  • Colorful Vinyl Sheet
  • Green Checked Rug
  • Green Kilim-Style Carpet
  • Ivory Medium Round Mat
  • Ivory Simple Bath Mat
  • Lacy Rug
  • Magic-Circle Rug
  • Peach Checked Rug
  • Pink Heart Rug
  • Purple Persian Rug
  • Purple Shaggy Rug
  • Red Argyle Rug
  • Rough Rug
  • Simple Medium Avocado Mat
  • Simple Medium Black Mat
  • Simple Medium Purple Mat
  • Simple Small Black Mat
  • Tatami Mat
  • White Heart Rug
  • White Simple Medium Mat
  • Yellow Argyle Rug
  • Yellow Persian Rug
  • Yellow Stripes Rug

From Mom:

  • Mom's Cool Kitchen Mat (November)
  • Mom's Lively Kitchen Mat (November)
  • Mom's Playful Kitchen Mat (November)

DIY Recipes

Any Villager:

  • Blue Rose Wreath
  • Cool Hyacinth Crown
  • Cool Hyacinth Wreath
  • Cute Lily Crown
  • Cute Rose Crown
  • Dark Cosmos Crown
  • Fancy Lily Wreath
  • Pansy Crown
  • Purple Hyacinth Crown
  • Rose Wreath


  • Asteroid
  • Cosmos Wand
  • Star Head
  • Tulip Wand