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Animal Crossing:The Ultimate Town is a fanon game created by Wii maniac and being developed by indie game studio Nobody Software (Miku51). Listed below is just part of the guide to the game.

All work/information is to be posted here.

Town Folk

Porter- Train Station. Helps you go to Another Town.

Pete- Post Office in the Town Hall. Mailman. You see him in a desk behind the Post Office Window or delivering mail in your neighborhood

Pelly- Civic Center & Post Office in Town Hall. Daytime Window

Phyllis- Civic Center & Post Office in Town Hall. Nighttime Window

Tortimer- Town Hall. Mayor

Cooper- Police Station. Policeman who discusses Events and Going-ons.

Booker- Police Station. Policeman who shows you what’s lost.

Tom Nook- Nook’s Shop. Owner of the store and Owns your houses.

Timmy and Tommy- Nook’s Shop. Works for Tom Nook when you upgrade to Nookington’s.

Roid- Nook's Shop. Works for Tom Nook when you upgrade to the Nook Mall.

Blathers, Celeste, and Brewster- Museum. Curator of the Museum; Runs the Observatory; Bartender of The Roost

Kapp’n- Rows the Boat. Helps you go to the City.

Mable & Sable- Able Sisters. Owners and Workers

Rover- On the Train. Also helps you open you game.

Blanca- On the Train. You help her get a face. She can be seen in your town later on.

City Folk

Dr. Shrunk- The Marquee. Gives performances there often.

Master Frillard- The Marquee. Gives performances there rarely.

Harriet- Shampoodle. Give you a Mii Mask or a new hairstyle for 3,000 bells.

Katrina- Katrina’s Fortunes. Gives you fortunes or charms for 100 bells

Kicks- Kicks’ Shoeshinery. Gives you new shoes to match your color or style.

Labelle- GracieGrace. A Worker.

Lloid- The Auction House. Owner and Worker.

Lyle- Happy Room Academy. Worker. Former Insurance Salesman.

Redd- Redd’s Secret Shop. Owner and Worker.

Mr. Resetti- Resetti Surveillance Center/In front of your home. He shows up when you reset. Also, random days after 8:00pm, you will get to enter his surveillance center. Has a brother named Don.

Special Visitors

Chip- Runs the Fishing Tourney

Farley- The Wishing Well Gnome. Gives you a Golden Watering Can if you maintain a perfect town status. He also appears in the well during Lucky Day.

Franklin- Hides in your town during the Harvest Festival. He gives you the Harvest Series of furniture.

Gracie- Owner of GracieGrace. Shows up randomly and will give advice based off of your style. She may even give you 10% off all items if you are good enough!

Gulliver- Found if you shoot down his spaceship. He’ll be found by the beach. He’ll ask you to find 5 of his ship parts in exchanged for a rare gift.

Jack- “Czar of Halloween” Comes to your town on Halloween for candy in exchange for furniture from the Spooky Series.

Jingle- Comes December 24th after 8pm to give gifts to all your villagers. Get a gift from Jingle by answering a quiz. However, only one gift per person. But maybe you can change your look a little to confuse him and get another gift.

Joan- Comes Every Sunday to sell Turnips.

K.K. Slider- Performs every Saturday starting at 8pm at the Roost.

Katie and Kaitlin- Mother and Daughter cats that get separated. One cat will be in your town and the other cat will be in your friend’s town. If you have Kaitlin, take the train to your friend’s town to reunite the cats.

Nat- Runs the Bug-Off.

Pascal- A chill otter that will hang out on your town’s bridges. If you give him a scallop, he will give you an item of the Pirate Series. But don’t talk to him if you don’t have a scallop. He’ll swim away.

Pave- A wild and crazy guy (well, peacock) that craves candy during Festivale. Give him three pieces of the candy he wants and he’ll give you an item of the Pave series.

Phineas- Shows up on random, sunny days in the city to give goodies to all the young. One goody per person (and he won’t be tricked if you change your outfit)

Don Resetti- Comes when you reset your game after the 7th time. He replaces his brother, Mr. [Sonny] Resetti when he get’s the flu. He is much calmer when he talks to you unlike his brother, but is still persistent

Saharah- Comes to your town to give you rare carpet or wallpaper in exchange for old carpet and wallpaper.

Serena- Throw a Regular Axe into the fountain and hope you get lucky. Serena will appear and she might give you a silver or golden axe.

Snowman- Build a snowman and if he is satisfied, he will give you a piece of the Snowman series!

Wendell- A walrus that can be found in your town and will want food. In exchange, he will give you one of his designs.

Wisp- Late at night, he will appear and ask you to find his lamp. Once you found it, go to your attic. He’ll appear and once you give him the lamp, he will grant you 1 of 3 wishes (get rid of all the weeds in your town, give you a rare item, or get rid of all of the cockroaches in your house)

Town Areas

Tom Nook’s Shop- Shop here for furniture, tools, plant seeds, and stationary. Talk to Tom Nook to sell, buy from the catalogue, and find out the prices for the Stalk Market. The store can be upgraded 4 times, plus a 5th expansion when his shop turns into a mall with a Stationary Store (run by Timmy and Tommy) and a Lottery Shop (run by Roid)

Able Sisters- Shop here for clothes, umbrellas, and accessories. Talk with Mabel to make your own designs and display them. You can also sell your clothes, umbrellas, and accessories for bells. You can also try to befriend Sable

Museum- Donate items to the Museum in four categories: Bugs, Fish, Paintings, and Fossils and see them on display. Also head to the Observatory to look at and make constellations. Head to The Roost in the basement for a cup of coffee and some music from K.K. Slider

Police Station- Come to the Police Station to find out what’s going on in the coming days, pick up some items from the lost and found, or look at the Town Map

Train Station- Travel to another town by way of the Train Station. Just talk to Porter to start your trip!

Town Hall- Go to the Town Hall for tons of things. Make the Town Tune, Donate to your town, Donate to Boondox, Complain about a problem, mail a letter, SAVE a letter, pay your mortgage, and deposit or withdraw money. Wow, that’s a lot of things to do. The Town Hall Plaza is a center of events.

Wishing Well Plaza- Ask about the environment and apologize for not completing a task to the Wishing Well. If you have a perfect town, Farley will appear on the wishing well awarding you a Golden Watering Can. The Wishing Well Plaza is a center of events.

The Dump- If you don’t need a item, and it isn’t worth much, drop the money by the Dump. They pick up every Monday and Thursday at 6am

The Dock- Kapp’n will always be waiting there for you to take you to the City.

Lighthouse- Located at the Beach after donation (500,000 bells).

Windmill- Located next to the The Dump after donation (1,000,000 bells).


For the first time ever in the Animal Crossing series, Neighborhoods have now appeared. However, except for your own, you can not enter these neighborhoods. Your town will consist of 12 villagers, 2 next to each neighborhood. All other villagers will be located in the neighborhoods. When one villager in your town moves, they will move into their nearby neighborhood. Another animal from that neighborhood will move into your town in the exact same spot as the villager who just moved. You will always see villagers from your town and the neighborhoods walking around. Only Neighborhood villagers will be seen in the City. Here is the list of Neighborhoods:

Your Neighborhood- The Four Houses, located un the middle of town. Only enterable neighborhood

Pep Neighborhood- Home of all the Peppy girls

Norma Neighborhood- Where all the Regular girls live.

Snoot Neighborhood- Home of the women who may seem snooty

Jock Neighborhood- Where guys work out a lot

Crank Neighborhood- Home of those guys that you might not be friends with

Laza Neighborhood- Where guys just lay back and relax.

City Areas

(From Left to Right)

Redd’s Secret Shop- You will need an invitation to get into this place. Once you get in, you need to pay 3,000 bells to Redd to shop there for “exclusive” items. Paintings are also sold there. Watch out for forgeries!

The Marquee- See shows at The Marquee to get emotions you can use when talking to your friends. Dr. Shrunk will show you a ton of emotions you can use from Angry to Curiosity. Master Frillard will rarely put on shows, but has emotions even Dr. Shrunk doesn’t know such as Bashfulness and Intrigue.

The Happy Room Academy- Come here to join the business that rates your house. Lyle will be very pleased. You may also cancel letters sent to your house, look at the model room of the month, and check up on your evaluations.

GracieGrace- The most expensive shop ever. Gracie’s designs are now on sale. Clothing, furniture, umbrellas, you name it. It’s here. All designed by Gracie herself. She might even stop by to check up on her customers and Labelle.

The Auction House- Come here to put items up for auction, bid on other items for auction, or store items just like you would dressers and wardrobes. Just talk to Lloid and he’ll get you set up.

Kicks’ Shoeshinery- Get your shoes shined by Kicks based off your color or your style

Shampoodle- Get a makeover by Harriet by getting a Mii mask or getting a brand new hair style.

Katrina’s Fortune Shop- Have your fortune be told or get a charm by none other then Katrina in this mysterious shop

Resetti’s Surveillance Center (random nights at 8pm)- Come here on random nights to talk to Mr. Resetti to get a silver shovel. Go back again to see Mr. Resetti and his brother, Don, go through an actual sequence of when someone resets. It’s not what you think it is.


Everyday is an event in Animal Crossing! But listed below are the days the town really likes to celebrate.

Weekly Visits

Pascal- Random Weekdays. On your bridges.

Pete- Every day at 9am and 5pm.

Wendell- Random Weekdays. Walking in Town.

Saharah- Random Weekdays. Walking in Town.

Wisp- Random Nights. Floating in your Town.

Snowman- Build one Any day.

Katie or Kaitlin- Any day after visiting another town.

K.K. Sliders- Every Saturday. In The Roost

Joan- Every Sunday. Walking in Town.

Monthly Events

Fishing Tourney- Chip visits to host the Fishing Tourney by the lake. There are two types of Fishing Tourney. During Odd months, only a specific fish is accepted. If you catch the biggest fish of that type, you get a gift. If you can survive the day without someone catching a bigger fish, you win a Silver Trophy. During Even months, any fish is accepted. If you catch the biggest fish, you get a gift. If you can survive the day without someone catching a bigger fish, you win a Gold Trophy.

Bug-Off- Nat visits to host the Bug-Off by the Town Hall. Catch the biggest bug and give it to Nat. You get a gift right there. If you can survive the day without someone catching a bigger bug, you win a trophy.

Flea Market- Everyone goes to each other’s houses to buy items in their room.

Yearly Events

New Year’s Day (January 1st)- During this holiday, the villagers congregate in front of the Wishing Well for the festivities. If you visit the Wishing Well between 6:00am and 11:00am, Mayor Tortimer will give you advice for the year and a new diary as a present. Make sure you don't stay up partying too late the night before--this event is for the early morning only! Additionally, Katrina will have a table set up near the Wishing Well where you can play her "sunshine lottery" activity. It's worth trying your luck at Katrina's table; this is the only time Katrina's Shop opens one hour later.

Hero Day (January’s Third Monday)- Today we celebrate the heroes past and future. You will receive a City model from Tortimer, who will be at the Town Hall

Groundhog Day (February 2nd)- Like the real holiday, the entire village will gather to see if the local groundhog will predict winter, else the long awaited spring. At around 7:00am your villagers will congregate around the Wishing Well. Chat with your villagers until 8:00am, when Mr. Resetti makes a cameo apperance as "the groundhog." If you talk to Tortimer after the ceremonies he will give you a Resetti model. Tom Nook is also selling a bunch of flower models on this day.

Valentine’s Day (February 14th)- On Valentine's Day, you will receive letters from all of the animals in your town of the opposite gender. Each of the three male or female personality types can write two different kinds of letters. Thus, each sex can receive up to twelve different Valentines from their villagers. Each villager will attach a gift to their letter. What you receive in the mail depends on your relationship with that villager. It pays to be nice and run lots of errands in the early part of February; shirts are given for so-so to poor relationships, but furniture is given if you and the animal are good friends.

Also, stop by The Roost for some hot chocolate and to be wished a Happy Valentine’s Day by Brewster.

Film Day (February’s Last Sunday)- Today is the day we celebrate the arts of film making and acting. At 7pm, head to the city and go to the Marquee. Get tickets at 7:30pm to watch the Animal Crossing Movie!! It will start at 8pm and it will be a full house (one seat will be open when you get there which will be your seat). You can’t enter the theatre until 7:55pm. Till then, you can talk with villagers from the Neighborhoods of your town who hang out in the lobby. Tortimer will also be by the Wishing Well earlier in the day. He will give you a Bag of Popcorn. It’s not edible, but it’s a good furniture piece.

Los Festivales (Random Day-Consult your calendar)- Pave hosts the event of games and colors. He will be at the Wishing Well and He will ask for 3 pieces of one type of candy. In order to get candy, you need to play games with your villagers. Once you get the candy Pave wants, get it to him and he will give you a piece of the Pave series of furniture.

Lucky Day (March 17th)- Today we celebrate how lucky we get over the course of the year, whether it’s good or bad. Come to the Town Hall first to get a Pot of Gold from Tortimer. Then, head to the Wishing Well where Farley will be giving out letters in exchange for a four-leaf clover. This is the only time you see Farley other than when you maintain a perfect town status. If you get a four-leaf clover, give it to Farley and he will give you a letter containing a certain amount of money. The money ranges from 100 bells to 100,000 bells. Let’s hope you get lucky!

Spring Sports Fair (March 20th or 21st)- The Spring Sports Fair has a number of different events that you can watch at all different locations. Cheer on your favorite jock and peppy villagers as he or she engages in races, tug-of-war, or a ball toss. If you show up early enough, you can participate in the day's first event, aerobics. Utilizing the C stick (the yellow joystick) will allow you to perform a variety of different tricks. If you track down the mayor during the sports fair he will give you the Spring Medal to commemorate the occasion. You don't even need to win anything! A schedule is listed below:

9am-12pm; Aerobics; Police Office

11am-2pm; Foot Race; Wishing Well

1pm-4pm; Ball Toss; Tom Nook’s Shop

3pm-6pm; Tug-o-War; Town Hall

6pm-7pm; Closing Ceremony; Town Hall

Bunny Day (Random Day-Consult your Calendar)- Zipper T. Bunny is here! He will be hanging out in front of the Town Hall. He wishes you a Happy Bunny Day! He will then say that there are eggs buried all over the town and you will need to find them. If you get an egg with candy, maybe you can save that for Halloween or Los Festivales. But if you get an egg with Bunny foil, go to Zipper and he will give you a piece of the Egg series. There are 12 in all and no repeats!

April Fool’s Day (April 1st)- April fool’s is as treacherous in Animal Crossing as it is in real life. When you chat with the animals on this day, they will do their best to try and fool you with tall tales and a variety of pranks and tricks. Tortimer the Mayor is the worst of them all; when you head to the Wishing Well he gives you an leaf which appears to be in your pocket and suppose to look like a furniture item. Way to get our hopes up, Tortimer! Stupid leaf.......

Cherry Blossom Festival (April 5th-7th)- Your town undergoes an incredible change during the Cherry Blossom Festival. Regardless of whether or not you have planted cherry trees in your town, all deciduous trees will burst into pink bloom. All your villagers become very excited about this sudden transformation and if you visit the mayor he will explain more about the festival and its meaning to the town. At the end of his explanation, Tortimer will give you the pink tree model.

Earth Day (April 22nd)- Earth day is a happy-feely event in honor of the general greenery in your town. The mayor will give you sage advice if you talk to him about nature, accompanied by a tree model. Tom Nook is also selling a Cool Globe in honor of Earth Day.

Spring Cleaning (May 1st)- When May rolls around thoughts turn to clean houses. Today is the day to give your house a thorough cleaning. If you talk to Tortimer today, he will give you a model of the dump (an apt reward in light of the holiday).

Mother’s Day (May’s Second Sunday)- As in real life, today is the day to appreciate your mother (who, in Animal Crossing, makes cameos by sending you letters from home every now and then). To remind you to call your mother frequently, Tortimer hands out the Lovely Phone. The Lovely Phone is an interesting item. You can pick up the receiver to hear motherly advice. It's similar to the Mayor Phone. Your mother will also send you a letter with a pink carnation attached to it. This is the only way to get this kind of flower.

Flag Day (June 14th)- Flag Day, in Animal Crossing, is when you celebrate two things: Fallen Heroes (Memorial Day in real life) and our great flag (Flag Day in real life). Tortimer has nothing to give you, so he won’t be outside (unless it’s Graduation Day too) but Tom Nook will have flags on sale instead of furniture in his store.

Graduation Day (June’s Second Friday)- Although we typically celebrate this day in real life when one graduates from a school, the Animal Crossing holiday is for generic graduations. Today is the day where your villagers commemorate all the hard work and progress you have made so far in the game. If you talk to the Mayor, he will present you with a model of the Ables Sisters Shop for all your hard work.

Father’s Day (June’s Third Sunday)- Although Dad is not quite as avid as a writer as Mom, he still writes to us on this day. He attaches a red carnation to his letter. This is the only way to get this kind of flower. If you talk to Tortimer (the closest available fatherly-type) he will give you a locomotive model. Choo choo!

Fireworks Show (July 4th and Every Sunday in August)- Independence Day, when your Animal Crossing town will hold a fireworks show in the evening of July 4th. The show also occurs every Sunday in August to enjoy the summer nights. Head down to the lake between 7:00pm and 9:00pm to see a spectacular fireworks display. Crazy Redd will set up a stand at the events where he will sell a variety of pinwheels and balloons. His shop in the city will be closed during Fireworks. If you find the mayor on July 4th he will give you a bottle rocket for your trouble. Every time you go to a Firework show in August, he will give you a sparkler to use.

Hometown Day (Random Day in July-Consult your Calendar)- Your Hometown Day is a fictional Animal Crossing holiday meant to celebrate your town and all its unique aspects. During this day, Tortimer will give you a train station model. There are fifteen train station models in the game to match the fifteen different stations you could possibly get when you first initialize your town. Of course, you will receive the model that looks like your personal train station.

Morning Aerobics (July 25th-August 31st)- Speak to Tortimer the Mayor to receive a special event card. Every morning from 9am-11am, Copper will conduct Morning Aerobics at the Police Station. Be sure to have your event card stamped every time you attend an event. If you get your card stamped at 14 morning aerobics sessions Tortimer will reward you with a special aerobics radio that will enable you to perform the excerises in your house. You can use the C stick to perform the moves. Compared to the Sports Fair Aerobics, the Morning Aerobics only goes for 2 hours instead of 3.

Meteor Shower (August's Second Saturday)- If you go to the lake between 6:00pm and 9:00pm you will be able to watch a meteor shower in the skys overhead. Make sure you talk to the mayor on your way home to receive a telescope.

Founder's Day (August 21st)- In honor of the founder of your Animal Crossing town. As usual, Mayor Tortimer will have wise thoughts to bestow upon you regarding the founding of your village. He has a strange gift to give you today: a weed model.

Labor Day (September’s First Monday)- The mayor has been keeping an eye on your "labor" (progress in game) and would like to offer you the shop model as a gift. So make sure you go see him sometime during the day in celebration of all the hard work you've been doing to pay off your loan. Tom Nook will also have on sale a Picnic Basket. If you buy it, he will wish a Happy Labor Day!

Autumn Moon Festival (Random Day-Consult your Calendar)- You'll have to check the in-game calendar or the bulletin board to find the exact date of this event because it changes every year. This event can occur in September or October. If you go down to the lake on the day of the Harvest Moon Festival between 6:00pm and 9:00pm you can see the full moon reflected in the water. The mayor will kindly give you an enormous model of the moon for your very own house in honor of the occasion. Tom Nook will sell a wheat bundle on this day as well.

Fall Sports Fair (September 23rd or 24th)- Just like the Spring Sports Fair you can't participate in the events except aerobics, but you can watch the other villagers. Make sure you talk to the mayor to receive you autumn medal. During the aerobics you can use the C stick to do the moves. See the Spring Sports Fair event for additional details.

Explorer’s Day (October’s Second Monday)- Explorer’s Day celebrates exploration of new lands and exploration of a more personal nature. The mayor will be at the well today to give you a gift appropriate for the occasion: a bottled ship or a Sailboat model (You will have to skip ahead to next year to get the other). Make sure you talk to him before 6:00pm or you'll miss out.

Halloween (October 31st)- On Halloween the villagers will dress up to look exactly like Jack (the pumpkinhead). Each one wears a blue shirt and a pumpkin on his or her head. However, Jack is also in your town. To protect your candy from your villagers (which you want to save for Jack) hide pieces in your letter slots until you can locate the true "King of Halloween." Unlike the other villagers, Jack won't run after you demanding candy. Search around town until you find the pumpkinhead who seems to ignore you. If you approach him and give him candy he will give you a piece of the Spooky Series. How do you get candy, though? You can buy it in Tom Nook's store during October. Make sure to buy a lot in order to get the entire set. You can also get candy from villagers who don’t go outside on Halloween. If you dress up in a “Look”, they will give you a piece of candy, just like Trick or Treating in real life. Villagers who are spurned will play tricks on you, however; they change your clothes into rags, or a random item into a jack-o'-lantern. Make sure that you keep your good clothing and precious items in the house tonight! If you correctly identify the mayor he will give you a model of Katrina's Tent (as seen in early games)

Election Day (November’s First Tuesday)- On Election Day, Snooty and Cranky villagers will be at the Town Hall Plaza gathering ballots. Two machines are set up as well as 2 tables for counting the votes. The tables have a score board. The number of people voting for Tortimer will always go up while another villager who is running will always stay at 0. You can’t vote during the event, but it’s fun to watch. Results are announced by Pelly over the loud speaker at 10pm (when events end). It will obviously be Tortimer. During the events, Tortimer does his duty and rewards everyone who speaks to (or votes for) him. Today's goodie is a well model! After the announcement of his win, Tortimer will still be outside celebrating till 12am. Stop by and he'll give you a Mayor Phone. It's similar to the Lovely Phone. Pick the phone up in your house and you'll get some advice from the Mayor himself.

Officer’s Day (November 11th)- November is the month for appreciating the town's public servants. Today celebrates Cooper and Booker's various deeds and contributions to the town. Talk to the mayor to receive a police station model.

Harvest Festival (November’s Fourth Thursday)- If you show up at the Town Hall between 3:00pm and 9:00pm you can watch a "tasty" story unfold. Franklin the turkey realizes he's in trouble when the mayor invites him for dinner; or rather to be dinner. Franklin will hide behind things and wait for you to bring him pieces of silverware from the banquet by the well. Removing the silverware removes the threat of him becoming dinner. For each piece you bring you will receive one piece of harvest furniture. Make sure to talk to the mayor to receive a cornucopia item.

Sales Day (November’s Fourth Friday)- Tom Nook will sell grab bags at his store instead of the normal goods he carries. Each grab bag will have three items in them. The grab bags may contain pinwheels, items that can only be obtained today or during the Fireworks Show. Each grab bag is sold for a low price, but the deal, of course varies (what would you expect from a grab bag?). If you remember to talk to the mayor he will give you the black market model (As seen in early games).

Snow Day (December 1st)- You may have observed snow in November if you were lucky enough, but December 1st celebrates the coming storms of December. Usually, December 1st will be the first day of the year you will see snow in Animal Crossing. If you speak to the mayor today he will give you a model snowman. Snow will not stick to the ground until after December 10th.

Toy Day (December 23rd)- Today is a day where everyone receives lots of toys (can't imagine what this is supposed to resemble...!). Tortimer will be dressed as Jingle and will sit in a big red chair in front of the Wishing Well. A bunch of Lazy and Normal personality villagers will be lined up to get a gift from him. Talk to the mayor at the well to receive a miniature car if you are a boy, and a doll if you are a girl. Make sure you catch him before 6:00pm.

Christmas Eve/Day (December 24th-25th)- Jingle the reindeer wanders around town from 8:00pm on December 24th to 1:00am on December 25th. If you track him down he will give you a piece of Jingle furniture. He can also be found in player’s houses when they are not home. This is the only time you can enter houses in the game when people aren’t there. If you want more furniture you will have to change into a different outfit and talk to him again. Once you have talked to Jingle in one outfit, he will give you a piece of the Jingle Series. When finished, head out of the house or acre and switch into a different accessory (It won’t work with just changing your shirt). Go find Jingle again and he will ask you questions; depending on how you reply you will get different furniture. Generally, a response of "Printed" or "Woven" will get you Wallpaper, Carpet, or a Shirt. You can get doubles so you can easily wind up with less than 10 unique pieces. Jingle furniture sells very well but it cannot be re-ordered at Nook's.

New Year’s Eve (December 31st)- This event occurs in two different places. Tortimer will have a big countdown clock set up in front of the Town Hall from 10pm-12am. There is also countdown clocks by the lake and in front of the Wishing Well. You can get a noisemaker from Tortimer during that time. At 12am, everyone goes wild. The celebrations down by the lake begin. Tortimer travels down there for the Fireworks. That will go on till 1am. He will give you, during the Fireworks, a New Years T-Shirt. 2 gifts in one night! This year is already great.

Other Events

Camping Season (Summer)- Villagers from the Neighborhoods may visit the main town during the summer months to camp out for a while. If you talk to them they may give you some camping gear. Bridge

Igloos (Winter)- If there is snow on the ground one of the villagers in your town may decide to live in an igloo for the day. Visit them to chat or play special winter games. If you spend enough time in the igloo, you may receive one of several special snowy gifts.

Building (Donating 250,000 bells to Town Fund)- The mayor may seek your input on a new bridge once you donate 250,000 bells. There will be two locations to choose from.

Lighthouse Watching (Winter; 500,000 bells to Town Fund)- The mayor may ask you to light the lighthouse (Once it’s built after donating 500,000 bells) for him for a week during one of the first two months of the year while he is on vacation. If you do it regularly you will receive chocolates and a lighthouse model when he returns.

Windmill Watching (Summer; 1,000,000 bells to Town Fund)- The mayor may ask you to turn on the Windmill (Once it’s built after donating 1,000,000 bells) for him for a week during the first two months of the 2nd half the year (July and August). If you do it regularly, you will receive a windmill model and 700 bells when he returns.

Your Birthday- On your birthday you will receive presents in the mail from the other villagers. The quality of the presents will improve the better the quality of the relationships you have with your villagers. One villager will stand in front of your house and give you a birthday cake. And it’s edible! Your mom will also send you a special gift: 10,000 bells. WOW!

Villager Birthday- Everyday, there is a birthday party in Animal Crossing. When a villager in your town has a birthday, they have it at their house with a friend and you. If a villager has a birthday and they live in the Neighborhood, they have it outside the houses of their personality (For example, Coco, let’s say, lives in a Neighborhood. She will have her party in front of the Normal houses next to the Norma Neighborhood). The Normal villagers will be outside partying with her.

We will now explain a lot of what goes on in this game.

Spring & Fall Sports Fair

The most schedule-based event. This section will tell you what’s going on within each hour and where everyone is.

9am-10am: Aerobics begin. Cooper and 3 villagers (Of Jock and/or Peppy personality) will be in the Police Station. You will see all of them on the front 3 mats. Tortimer will be located in the back, far left mat blocking the jail cell room. Booker, who is always in the Police Station, will be where Cooper usually is (in front of the Police Station) and will answer the same questions as Cooper does on any regular day. Other then this, nothing else is happening.

10am-11am: Aerobics continue. 3 Normal and/or Lazy villagers have joined in. They are now in the middle 3 mats behind the first 3 mats where the original villagers are. Tortimer will still be here. Also at this time, Pete (who hosts the Foot Race event) and the villagers participating in the Foot Race will have things set up for the event that will begin at 11am at the Wishing Well. They will show anticipation (Pete) and cockiness (Villagers) when you talk to them.

11am-12pm: This is the final hour of Aerobics. 3 Snooty and/or Cranky villagers join the Aerobics on 3 mats in the back, but Tortimer is now gone, meaning you can use the 4th mat and enter the jail cell room. You can find Tortimer again at the Foot Race, which is located at the Wishing Well. As other villagers look on, 4 guys go up against each other, as well as 4 girls who do the same. This hour is for the “Playoffs” of these races.

12pm-1pm: Aerobics have ended and everything is normal at the Police Station. Those who were in the Aerobics and have the Jock/Peppy personality will be in the Tug-o-War event, as well as other athletes who didn’t win the Foot Race and Ball Toss. In speaking of which, the “Semi-Finals” of the Foot Race start now. 2 guys and 2 girls will now go up against each other repeatedly. The 4 that aren’t in the Semi-Finals but were in the Playoffs will be in the Ball Toss. They are, in this hour, located in Tom Nook’s Shop preparing for the Ball Toss. Tom Nook will also be in there preparing. They will show feeling as shown before the Foot Race if you talk to them. Note: If you have upgraded to Nookington’s, the stairs will be blocked by Tom Nook or Tortimer during the event. Timmy and Tommy do not appear during the event if upgraded to Nookington's. When upgraded to Nook Mall, Timmy and Tommy's Stationary Store and Roid's Lottery Shop in the Nook Mall are still open, while Nook Furniture will be replaced durign this time with the Ball Toss.

1pm-2pm: The Foot Race has reached the “Finals”. The two losers from the Semi-Finals will go first to decide 3rd place. The winners will go next, and they will go back and forth. Tortimer will still be here, even though the Ball Toss has begun. The Ball Toss consist of the 2 guys and 2 girls who lost the Foot Race Playoffs versing against each other throwing as many balls into a hoop as they can. Tom Nook will be in a Referee outfit. He will move around watching each team. However, if you have Nookington’s, he will remain in his spot, blocking the stairs. Tortimer will take that spot when he gets there.

2pm-3pm: The Foot Race has ended. The winner will be seen dancing with his or her Trophy at the Tug-o-War match, which is being prepared now with Pelly and Phyllis and only some of the athletes participating at the Town Hall. The Ball Toss continues. Tortimer is there now watching from a corner (Or with Nookington’s, from the stairs) Tom Nook has chosen One Snooty and One Cranky villager to go up against One Normal and One Lazy villager. The winners of this hour will verse the winners of the previous hour next hour (Confusing, yes?)

3pm-4pm: The Ball Toss finals have begun. The Teams that won at 1pm and 2pm will now verse each other in the finals. Also, the Tug-o-War match has begun at the Town Hall. A bunch of Jock/Peppy villagers from the Aerobics, Foot Race, and Ball Toss will compete in a Tug-o-War match. Each Tug-O-War match has a challenge. This challenge is “Who is better: GracieGrace or Able Sisters?” One side will have all GracieGrace lovers and the other will have Able Sister lovers. The winner of the Foot Race will be dancing behind the Tug-o-War match with his or her trophy. Tortimer will be located still at the Ball Toss. Pelly will be encouraging the Tug-o-War players by waving a flag. Phyllis will be blocking the entrance to the Town Hall. Pete will also be there cheering villagers on.

4pm-5pm: The Ball Toss has ended. The winners will be seen dancing where the Foot Race winner was dancing at the Tug-o-War match. That villager will be on the other side of Phyllis, who will still be blocking the door. Tortimer will be walking around the event. Pelly is still waving the flag. Pete and other villagers will be cheering on the Audience members who were picked to compete this hour. Also, all things will be back to normal at Tom Nook’s Shop.

5pm-6pm: The athletes will be back one last time for the final Tug-o-War match: “Which sex is better: Male or Female?” Jocks will be on one side while Peppy girls will be on the other. Phyllis will now be waving the flag and Pelly will be blocking the door. Other than all of this, everything is still the same.

6pm-7pm: Tug-o-War has ended. The Closing Ceremony begins at the Town Hall. The event is basically a stage with The Foot Race winner, The Ball Toss winners, and Tortimer on it while people are cheering in front of the stage and confetti raining down. The Town Hall is still blocked off. You can’t reach Tortimer, so if you wait till now to get your medal, you won’t be able to. Pelly, Phyllis, and Pete will also be cheering from the front. The results of the Tug-o-War rounds will be in front of the stage. They are different every year. No tradition.

Diary Calendar

There isn’t much to breakdown. However, if you want to find out when Hometown Day, Easter, etc. are, just open up your diary and check the calendar. Note: On your calendar, you won’t see “Hometown Day” in those exact words. In place of it, you will see “<your town name> Day”

Outdoor Birthday Parties

Outdoor Birthday Parties are for people who don’t live in your immediate town. They will celebrate in front of the neighborhood where they live, having people of the same personality as guests. There will be one table set up with a huge cake and balloons. Presents will be on the ground next to the table. Like Indoor Birthday Parties, you can just hand them a gift and they will give you one back. You can also interact with the cake by pressing A and getting a slice. Yum!

Nook's Shop

Here, we are going to breakdown all things "Nook", from your job there in the beginning to the different expansions.

Opening Tasks

When you first start the game, you have to work for Tom Nook to pay off a little bit of your mortgage. Before you do, you must introduce yourself to the villagers and Tortimer. Under this section is a list of tasks you must complete afterwards.

1-Put on Clothes: Put on your uniform. Simple!

2-Planting: Plant flowers and Trees in front of the shop

3-Deliver Furniture: Deliver a furniture item to a villager. They will ask you what your birthday is and give you a furniture item in return for answering it

4-Deliver in the City: This is a new task in the Animal Crossing Series. Tom Nook will tell you to deliver a furniture item to someone walking in the city. This someone actually turns out to be a villager that will move into your immediate town later.

5-Write a Letter: Write a letter to "a loyal customer" and deliver it to the Town Hall Post Office

6-Deliver Carpet: Deliver a carpet to a villager

7-Deliver Watering Can: Deliver a watering can to the "loyal customer" whom you wrote to in previous tasks

8-Write on bulletin board: Write a message on the bulletin board

After this you are done and you are free to do anything you want and become a customer at the shop.

Talking to Nook

You can sell things to Nook, buy things from your catalouge, and find out prices of the stalk market.


Here is a list of expansions of Nook's shop.

Nook's Cranny: Beginning shop.

Nook N' Go's: 1st Expansion (After Spending 20,000 bells)

Nookway: 2nd Expansion (Spend 100,000 bells)

Nookington's: 3rd Expansion (Spend 260,000 bells) Timmy and Tommy Appear. Two floors and Two Rooms.

Nook Mall: 4th and Final Expansion (Spend 500,000 bells) Roid Appears. Two floors and four rooms.

Nook Mall

The Nook Mall is the newest addition to the Animal Crossing series. Unlike in past games where there was only 4 expansions, you can now upgrade a 5th time to a mall featuring 3 different stores and a Lobby.

In the Lobby, there is a fountain and a few benches which you can sit on. On the Left, there is an entrance way to Timmy and Tommy's Stationary Store. Timmy and Tommy will be selling stationary (hence the name), plant seeds, tools, and medicine. In the middle of the Lobby is a stairway leading up to a gigantic shop called FurnitureNook. As the name says, the shop, run by Tom Nook, is full of furniture, carpets, wallpaper, and paint on sale. On the right, there is a store called the Lottery Shop run by a Mega Bowtoid called Roid. In the shop, you can pay 100 bells to play games that you usually see during Los Festivales in order to win tickets. This is different compared to past shops where you had to buy furniture in order to get tickets. What's also different is that Roid runs the Montly Lottery instead of Tom Nook, meaning you can still buy stuff on Lotto Day; You just can't play games.

Monthly Lottery

The Monthly Lottery is a chance to win furniture by handing in tickets you receive. It occurs on the last day on every month. In every shop up till Nookington's, you need to buy furniture in order to receive tickets. For one go at the lottery, you need 5 tickets. The lottery is run by Tom Nook. In the Nook Mall, you will have to go to the Lottery Shop and pay 100 bells to play games. Playing and Winning games will get you tickets. And instead of Tom Nook, Roid will run the lotto.

Nighttime at Nook's

After hours, you can go to the shop and hit the building with a shovel 3 times. You will see the lights go on and you'll be able to enter the shop. Tom Nook (along with Timmy, Tommy, and Roid depending on what shop you have) will be in their pajamas and very tired. Prices will be cut down and they will walk very slowly around the store they have (with the exception to Roid who has a booth) and it will take longer to purchase things. But it's profitable and funny!

Nook Point System

The Nook Point System helps you get prizes, unlike in other games when you get shop models for getting points. When you get a certain amount a points, you get mailed a prize. Ex: With 500 points, you get a Banana Peel. You can also keep track of points based on what you will upgrade too. Ex: If you get a Banana Peel in the mail (or see 500 points on the NPS), you may also get a letter saying that the store will be under renovations for the Nook Mall.

Receiving Shop Models

You will get the Nook's Cranny Model on Labor Day from Tortimer, but you can also get the other store models by upgrading to them. Ex: When you upgrade to Nook N' Go, you will receive a Nook N' Go model.

Villager's Shopping

Villagers can be seen inside the shop after it has been upgraded to Nookway and on. However, you won't see them buy things.


Here are the hours for all shop expansions

Nook's Cranny

The store opens at 8am and closes at 11pm, usually the time he goes home.

Nook n' Go

Tom Nook sleeps in and opens at 10am in order for everyone to get furniture up till 1am


Tom Nook is now tired of staying up and now closes again at 11pm, but opens at 9pm for him to sleep in an hour.


For his young nephews, Tom Nook moved the closing time to 9pm. He still opens at 9am.

Nook Mall

The last expansion is open from early at 7am to late at 1am. This is because all stores inside the Mall have different times. Tom Nook, when his shop is closed, will be at the mall doors welcoming you from 7am-9am and 11pm-1am.

Timmy and Tommy's Stationary: 7am-9pm

NookFurniture: 9am-11pm

Lottery Shop: 11am-1am

Able Sisters

Your small town clothing shop is a cute little place. There is many things you can do here.


You can buy things like Clothes, Umbrellas, Glasses, Helmets, Hats, and, new to the Animal Crossing series, Scarfs.


You can display designs for free. If you display a pattern, you will see villagers wearing your design. If you have many designs on display, you can find out which designs are the most popular by talking to Mabel.

Selling Accesories

Talk to Mabel, and like Tom Nook, she will buy things for a good amount of money. However, you can only sell things that you wear (You can't sell Furniture, Fruit, etc.)

Befriending Sable

Sable will soon go from being silent to being very talkative if you talk to her everyday for a while. She will be very happy every day you visit. If you completely befriend her, you will get a 20% discount.

Making PRO Designs

You can make designs in the Design Menu, but you can make PRO Designs by paying 350 bells to Mabel. These will help you with making shirts.


You want to learn about your town's history? Well, you can't unless you donate Fish, Bugs, Paintings, and Fossils. Donate items like these to Blathers. He will also tell you about items you already donated, about the Museum, and identify a fossil in order to donate or sell it (Or whatever).


Like we just said, Blathers does a bunch of different things. We also see that Blathers is very squeamish when it comes to bugs. Other than this, Blathers doesn't really show any other purpose.

Celeste and The Observatory

Celeste runs the Observatory on the 2nd floor of the Museum. She will ask if you want to make, delete, or view constellations. YOu can also ask her what day the constellation will appear the most. if you talk to her everyday for a week, she will admit to having a crush on Tom Nook.

Brewster and The Roost

Brewster is a bartender in the Basement of the Museum. The Basement is actually a bar known as The Roost. Get coffee for 200 bells a day and enjoy! If you buy coffee for a while without having it cool, Brewster will start to become friends with you. He'll even open space for you to put your gyroids.

Saturday Nights at 8, K.K. Slider comes here and performs till Midnight. He has a variety of different songs he sings. You can request one or say you are in a certain mood. He will slip a copy of the song he just sang into your pocket after his first performance. He will give Encores, but he won't give any more music.

Completing the Museum

Completing the Museum will get you a Museum Model in the mail from Blathers. In fact, you will start seeing villagers inside the Museum!

Celeste's Gift

If you make 15 constellations (counting ones you deleted), you will receive a picture of your first constellation on it (Or if you deleted it, the earliest one made not deleted). This is the only furniture piece you can hang on your wall.

Befriending Brewster

After a while, Brewster will send a letter to your house saying how greatful he is for becoming friends with you. He will have a present attached to it. It will be a sign board (the one you see before you go down to the Basement.

The Police Station

The Police Station is a special place to help you with getting items from the lost and found, finding out events, and find your way through your town.


Cooper will help you find out when Wendell, Saharah, Pascal, Gulliver, K.K. Slider, and Joan will be in your town. He will also say how many items are lost.

He will have choices under "Any going-ons?":

When's Wendell Coming?: "Wendell might be coming around <weekday>. I bet he will be glad to give you one of his designs. Something tells me he'll give one to you for food......."

When's Saharah Coming?: "Saharah the camel? I'm surprised someone this famous will come to our little town to sell carpets and wallpaper. But, I believe I heard she will be in our town <weekday>"

When's Pascal Coming?: "Pascal? You sure you want to know about him? He seems like a very strange fellow. I'll keep an eye on him when you talk to him, okay? I heard his favorite day to visit is <weekday>, but what do I know?"

When's Gulliver Coming?: "Yes, We will be seeing Gulliver's spaceship flying around <weekday> but I don't know if you'll be able to get him down here, unless you use a slingshot. However, I suggest not doing that since it is rude."

When's K.K. Slider Coming?: "K.K. Slider will be performing in The Roost every Saturday. It's hard to miss him. I actually enjoy his music a lot. I'd go down there, but I can't leave my post."

When's Joan Coming?: "Joan is here every Sunday selling her delicious turnips! Uh, do me a favor when she's here and get me some turnips? I think it would be something nice to do for someone who protects you, eh?"

The alternative quote to all of these choices would be: "<visitor>? Why he/she is here today! Why don't you go track them down?"


Booker doesn't do much. He just follows you around the lost and found and gives you the items if you want them. On Aerobic days, he'll do exactly what Cooper does while Cooper is inside conducting Aerobics.

Jail Time!

A new addition: You may see that there are two rooms in the station. In the other room, you will find jail cells. They are usually empty, but sometimes you'll find special visitors in there:

Redd: On days he has his business closed. Caught for selling Black Market objects.

Gulliver: On random days. Caught for disturbing neighborhoods.

Wisp: On random days. Caught for scaring people. (POOR WISP!)

Cranky Neighbors: On random days. Cranky villagers who live in the Neighborhoods will be in jail. Caught for littering.

Mr. Resetti: On random days. Caught for sinking a building from constant digging.

While the Police Office is always open, The room is only open from 11am-11pm.

Lost and Found

Inside the Police Station, you will see that there are 10 tables: 3 in the front, 3 in the middle, 3 in the back, and 1 up against the front wall. You may take anything you want. The Lost and Found is closed during Aerobics. As said before, Booker runs the Lost and Found.

Town Hall

The Town Hall is the center of your town's existence. It is where you can make your town great. It is also home to Tortimer.

Pelly and Phyllis

These two sisters are the ones that run the Civic Center and Post Office. Pelly takes day shifts (7am-10pm), while Phyllis takes night shifts (10pm-7am). Pelly is always the one that is so cheerful and peppy, while Phyllis can careless about her attitude.

Civic Center

This is where you can do a bunch of things to help your town.

Town Tune: Make a song that everyone will be singing and the Town Hall chimes at the top of each hour do the same.

Town Bank: Donate to your town bank to add a few features to the area:

  • A New Brigde: Donate 250,000 bells to the town bank to get a new bridge. A vote will take place to select a location.
  • Lighthouse: Donate 500,000 bells to the town bank and get a Lighthouse at the shore.
  • Windmill: Donate 1,000,000 bells to the town bank and get a Windmill next to the Dump.

Boondox Donation: Donate money to Boondox to get feathers.

  • 10,000 Bells - Green feather
  • 200,000 Bells - Blue feather
  • 500,000 Bells - Yellow feather
  • 800,000 Bells - Red feather
  • 1,000,000 Bells - Purple feather
  • 1,400,000 Bells - White feather
  • 6,400,000 Bells - Rainbow feather
  • 15,000,000 Bells - Boondox will turn into Boondopolis.

Got a Problem!: Tell Pelly or Phyllis that someone is bothering you and they will talk to them. They will also help you get into your house when you can't get in.

Post Office

The Post Office is for sending and sending mail. You have a choice to Send a letter, Save a letter, and Send a message to the Wii Message Board.

Pete? Is that you?

Unlike in past games when Pete is rarely seen, he will now be always seen behind the Post Office Window at a desk writing. However, he will not be there at 9am-10am and 5pm-6pm. During those times, he is seen outside delivering mail. He will often talk about Phyllis and rarely Pelly.


Tortimer will always be sleeping behind his desk except on event days. He gives a variety of gifts on certain days.

New Year's Day: Diary

Hero Day: City Model

Groundhog Day: Resetti Model

Film Day: Bag of Popcorn

Lucky Day: Pot of Gold

Spring Sports Fair: Spring Medal

April Fool's Day: Leaf

Cherry Blossom Festival: Pink Tree Model

Earth Day: Cool Globe

Mother's Day: Lovely Phone

Graduation Day: Able Sisters Model

Father's Day: Train Model

Firework Show (July): Bottle Rocket

Hometown Day: Train Station (The Entrance)

Morning Aerobics (talk to him for 14 days during each session): Aerobic Radio

Firework Show (August): Sparkler

Meteor Shower: Telescope

Founder's Day: Weed Model

Labor Day: Nook's Cranny Model

Fall Sports Fair: Fall Medal

Autumn Moon Festival: Moon Model

Explorer's Day: Bottled Ship/Sailboat model

Halloween: Katrina's Tent Model

Election Day (Earlier): Well Model

Election Day (Later): Mayor Phone

Officer's Day: Police Station Model

Harvest Festival: Cornucopia

Sales Day: Black Market Model

Snow Day: Snowman

Toy Day (Boy): Miniature Car

Toy Day (Girl): Doll

New Year's Eve (Before 12am): Noisemaker

New Year's Eve (After 12am): New Year's Day T-Shirt

Automated Bell Dispense

Deposit and Withdraw money from this machine. You also use this machine for Paying off your mortgage. If you deposit a certain amount of money, you will receive a nice prize:

  • 10,000 Bells will result in a shopping card being mailed.
  • 100,000 Bells will result in a Tissue box, which is merely a decorative piece of furniture.
  • 10,000,000 Bells will result in a Piggy Bank furniture piece.
  • 100,000,000 Bells will result in a Mailbox furniture piece.
  • 999,999,999 Bells will result in a functional ABD furniture piece.


The Town Hall is always open except on 1 day a year: The Spring Sports Fair. However, that's only from 2pm-7pm.

1-year anniversary

A model of the Town Hall will be given on your 1 Year anniversary of moving to your town! You receive it in the mail from Tortimer.

Wishing Well

The Wishing Well serves as the main place to find out about the Enviorment.

The Enviorment

Ask the Wishing Well about the Enviorment and it will tell you that something is failing in another acre. If you have a perfect town status for 15 days, ask about the Enviorment and Farley will appear to give you a Golden Watering Can.


After some time, if you can't complete a task given by a villager, go to the wishing well and apologize.

Wishing Well Closed Days

On certain days, the Wishing Well will be closed for event purposes. Lucky Day and Toy Day are just two examples.

Bell Shrine

In some countries, the Wishing Well is not in the game. In it's place is a Bell Shrine. The Bell Shrine holds the same purpose as the Wishing Well. The only difference is that villagers ring the bell on New Year's Day and make a wish instead of throwing money into a well.

The Bell Shrine, however, can be seen in any game. Two Bell Shrines are in the Train Station leading to the track. Although, they serve no purpose. In fact, the same thing goes in some other countries: They have a Bell Shrine in the town and have two useless Wishing Well's in the Train Station.

Train Station

The Train Station in this game is completely different compared to the Train Station in Animal Crossing. Instead of it being outside, it's inside. The Outside of the Train Station is similar to the Town Gate in past games. You enter and the Train Station looks much more modern. It has two Bell Shrines (one on the left, one on the right) that serve no purpose. Walk a little further and there will be Porter in front of a huge gap (where the track is) and a lever next to him.


Talk to Porter to get things started. If you want someone to come to your town, tell him to move the track to your station. This will open up Wi-Fi for people who want to come to your town. This is only possible if you knew each other's Friend Code. Get a Friend Code from Porter in order to travel to someone else's town and vice versa. If you want to go to someone else's town, tell Porter you want to go and he will move the track so a train can come by. He will also explain what the Train Station is if you need an explanation.

The Dump

A fairly simple place. This is where you can drop off stuff you don't need and pick up things you like. Items that are in the Dump on Monday and Thursday at 6am will be picked up so the moment you see something you like, grab it! Once you donate 1,000,000 bells to the Town, a Windmill will be built next to The Dump, making the place look much better.

The Dock & The City

Head to The Dock and click on the sign that's there. If you say you want to go to the city, Kapp'n will row himself over and you can hop on in. While there, he talks about celebrities and love (and even flirts with you if you're a girl). Once you arrive, you'll first walk on a sidewalk with a manhole with a cone on it and a manhole that is shut tight. The one with the cone on it is where Resetti's Surveillance Center would be. Moving on. Walk up the small set of stairs to the City Plaza, where villagers from your neighborhoods will be walking around. In this area, from left to right, is an ABD machine, The Marquee, The Happy Room Academy, GracieGrace, The Auction House, and Kicks' Shoeshinery. You will also find Phineas here on random, sunny days. In the left alley is Crazy Reed's. In the right alley is Shampoodle and Katrina's Fortune Shop.

Crazy Redd's

Redd's Black Market can be located in an alleyway in the city. In order to get there, you are gonna have to go through a process:


When you talk to someone in your town, they may ask if you heard of Crazy Redd's and if you want them to send an invitation to you. If you say yes, the next time you open the game, the invitation will be in your mailbox.

A Fee

Once you have the invitation, go to the city and head into the left alleyway. Knock on the door you see and Redd will see that you have an invitation. Go in and he will ask for 3,000 bells in order to buy furniture. And you were excited about a free invitation! If you pay, you get to buy any of the rare furniture in his shop. If not, you won't be able to buy anything. But hold on to that invitation!!! You might want to go back and you won't have to go through the trouble of getting another invitation.

The Marquee

This Theater is located in the City Plaza. You learn Emotes here.

Dr. Shrunk

Dr. Shrunk often performs in comedy shows here. Most villagers who come here will complain about his act. Here is the list of Emotions:

  • Fear
  • Shyness
  • Surprise
  • Inspiration
  • Happiness
  • Confusion
  • Anger
  • Contentment
  • Scheming
  • Rage
  • Thought
  • Sadness
  • Agreement
  • Approval
  • Disbelief
  • Love
  • Realization
  • Acceptance
  • Exasperation
  • Fatigue
  • Discontent
  • Shock
  • Irritation
  • Laughter
  • Glee

Master Frillard

You will be in for a treat when Master Frillard is in the house! On rare occasions, head into the Marquee and buy a ticket for a show that is titled one of these:

  • Bashfulness
  • Inspiration
  • Outrage
  • Sleepiness
  • Thought
  • Agreement

If you buy a ticket for any of these, you will get to learn the emotion from Frillard himself!! He is supposedly Dr. Shrunk's teacher. Dr. Shrunk does not know the emotes Frillard performs at the Marquee.

Animal Crossing:The Movie

Ever want to see the English version of the Animal Crossing Movie? Well, you're in luck on Film Day! Throughout the day, The Emcee will say that no shows are going on because they are preparing for the "big show" at 8pm. At 6pm, villagers start gathering inside the Marquee lobby. The Emcee will still be saying they are preparing for the show. At 7pm, tickets go on sale for 1,000 bells a piece and at 7:55pm, you can take your seat. At 8pm, the show begins. Enjoy the movie!

Please note: If you arrive at the theater at 8:00pm and on, you will not be able to watch the movie. If you really want to, ou can time travel back to watch the movie.

ABD Machine

Next to the Marquee is the ABD Machine. It does exactly what the ABD machine in the Town Hall does, but you can't pay off your mortgage. This is helpful if you have a shopping card.

Happy Room Academy

This Academy is located in between The Marquee and GracieGrace. You can sign up to this place to have your place judged.

Earning Point Bonuses

If you join, you can do a variety of things to score points:

Complete Series - Wallpaper and Carpet: 20,000 points

Complete Series + Wallpaper or Carpet: 25,000 points

Complete Series + Wallpaper and Carpet: 30,000 points

Theme Flooring or Wallpaper: 3,000 points

Theme Flooring or Wallpaper + Furniture: 3,000 points x number of furniture pieces matching the theme wallpaper or carpet

Complete Furniture Set: 1,000 for each furniture piece


Talk to him to join for free and find out your evaluation, learn about the theme of the month and the model room that corresponds with it, and stop letters from coming to your house every Sunday. He hates his job, but shows some spirit when your room is the model room. His previous job was being a scamming traveling salesman.


70,000 points- House Model

100,000 points- Wide-House Model

150,000 points- Two-Story Model


GracieGrace is a furniture store in the City. It features designs by Gracie. The store consists of Clothes, Umbrellas, Furniture with Carpet and Wallpaper, and a Look.


Labelle is the worker there that shows no purpose other than the "Third Able Sister" Episode, during which you find out Mable and Sable have a third sister named Labelle, which is the Labelle at GracieGrace.


Gracie will make random apperances at GracieGrace. You can ask her for fashion advice and she will judge you. If you have a "look" on and shined your shoes to match the look (or style), she will give you a 50% discount on goods.

Furniture Series

There is a different furniture series each month. This is new to the Animal Crossing series. You can now receive furniture you usually get from special visitors in this shop if you want. A List is below:

  • January- Snowman Series
  • February- Gorgeous Series
  • March- Pave Series
  • April- Egg Series
  • May- Princess Series
  • June- Gracie's Series
  • July- Mario Theme*
  • August- Sweets Series
  • September- Mushroom Series
  • October- Spooky Series
  • November- Harvest Series
  • December- Jingle Series

-*This is the only Theme that shows up in the store.

This helps gather rare furniture easier, but it is very expensive.

Auction House

In past games, friends would put something up for auction. However, if space is available, items will get put up for auction by The Auction House or by villagers that visit the Auction House.

Putting Items up for Auction

Talk to Lloid to put items up for auction. You can put up to 9 items. 9 items, however, will always be up for bidding, whether you put up 9 items or not.


Bid on items with villagers and/or friends Click on an item to bid on it and come back ever so often to find out if anyone bid a bigger amount. If you won, the item will be mailed to your house. If you lose, the money you used to bid on the item will be mailed back to you.


Ask Lloid and you will be able to place items in your personal storage. If you have a dresser or wardrobe, items you find in them will be found in your stoarge.

Kick's Shoeshinery

Kicks hangs out on a stoop next to the Auction House on decent days. When he's there, you can get your shoes shined. It costs 500 bells.


When you choose to have your shoes shined by color, your shoes will be shined to match your hair color.


When you choose to have your shoes shined by style, your shoes will be shined to match your outfit (clothing, hats, etc.)


Harriet runs the hair salon in the City's West End a.k.a right alleyway. Ask to get a new hairstyle or a Mii makeover. They both cost 3,000 bells.


Get a new hairstyle by answering Harriet's questions and saying what color you want. Your first haircut is free.


Want to look like your Mii? Ask for a makeover and select a Mii to where it's mask. Your first makeover is free.

After 20 visits

After 20 visits, you will get even more styles of your own gender unlocked as well as all opposite gender styles. How nice!

Katrina's Fortune Shop