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Hi, I'm Zharkaer, but you probably know that from the title of this page.

I'm a huge fan of Animal Crossing, I got the GameCube game when I had seen one of those advertisements you'd find in game cases.
I wanted to buy it because the idea of a game that kept on going even when you're not playing appealed to me. I quickly fell in love with the game, playing in my town of Home. (Yes, I named my town "Home". I wasn't a very smart kid.)

Sometime in 2005 I joined Animal Crossing Community, and made quite a few friends there. Then in 2009, I started drifting apart from ACC, having adventures in various other parts of this strange place we call the internet.
In late 2011, I found Nookipedia, and saw that there were articles in need of fixing, so I joined up.