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Userboxes are templates that describe a wiki user, which can be added to the member's user page.


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The following userboxes relate to users' editing habits.

Nookipedia.png This user edits the wiki when bored.
{{UB Bored}}
This user has edited the wiki more than 1 time. (Newcomer Status)
{{UB Edit Rank|<Rank>}}
Blathers NH Character Icon.png This user is Nocturnality.
{{UB Nocturnal}}
{{UB Staff|<Rank>}}
{{UB Trustee}}


These userboxes indicate that a user is a member off a wiki project.

Project Furniture Icon.png This user is a member of Project Furniture.
{{UB Project Furniture}}
Museum CF Logo.png This user is a member of Project Museum.
{{UB Project FBP}}
Project Town.png
This user is a member of
Project Town.
{{UB Project Town}}


These userboxes relate to other wiki-related information.

OAS This user joined during the Oasis Era.
{{UB Era|<Rank>}}
NIWA logo.png This user supports NIWA, the Nintendo Independant Wiki Alliance.
ACC Logo.png This user used to be active on Animal Crossing City before the merge.
{{UB ACC}}

Video Games[edit]

Animal Crossing Series[edit]

The following userboxes relate to Animal Crossing series games and related games.

PG Logo English.png This user's first Animal Crossing game was Animal Crossing.
{{UB First AC|<Game>}}
{{UB Owns AC|<Game>}}
{{UB Owns SSB|<Game>}}

Other Games[edit]

These userboxes are for games that do not relate to the Animal Crossing series.

EarthBound Logo.png This user is a fan of the EarthBound series.
{{UB Fan Earthbound}}
Endless Ocean Logo.png This user is a fan of the Endless Ocean.
{{UB Fan Endless Ocean}}
Final Fantasy Logo.png
This user is a fan of the Final Fantasy.
{{UB Fan Final Fantasy}}
Fire Emblem Logo.png This user is a fan of the Fire Emblem.
{{UB Fan Fire Emblem}}
F-Zero Logo.png This user is a fan of the F-Zero series.
{{UB Fan F-Zero}}
HGSS.png This user was a supporter of Pokémon Gold and Silver being remade.
{{UB Support HGSS}}
Kirby Logo.png This user is a fan of the Kirby series.
{{UB Fan Kirby}}
Super Mario Series Logo.png This user is a fan of the Super Mario series.
{{UB Fan Mario}}
Metroid.png This user is a fan of the Metroid series.
{{UB Fan Metroid}}
Pikmin Logo.png This user is a fan of the Pikmin series.
{{UB Fan Pikmin}}
Pokéball.png This user is a fan of Pokémon.
{{UB Fan Pokemon}}
Flag of Sailor Moon.png This user is a fan of the Sailor Moon.
{{UB Fan Sailor Moon}}
Star Fox Logo.png This user is a fan of the Star Fox series.
{{UB Fan Star Fox}}
Sonic Logo.png This user is a fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog (series).
{{UB Fan Sonic}}
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Logo.png This user is a fan of the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger.
{{UB Fan Ty}}
Yoshi Logo.png This user is a fan of the Yoshi series.
{{UB Fan Yoshi}}
Triforce Icon.svg This user is a fan of the Legend of Zelda series.
{{UB Fan Zelda}}

Gaming Systems[edit]

The userboxes below show what gaming systems a user owns.

{{UB Owns Nintendo Console|<Console>}}
{{UB Owns Nintendo Handheld|<Console>}}
PS3 Logo.png This user owns a PlayStation 3.
{{UB Owns PS3}}
{{UB Owns Xbox|<Console>}}

Real World[edit]


The following userboxes show where a user has been.

[[File:{{{2}}}|50px]] This user is from {{{1}}}.
{{UB Country From|<Country>|<Image>}}
[[File:{{{2}}}|50px]] This user lives in {{{1}}}.
{{UB Country Home|<Country>|<Image>}}
[[File:{{{2}}}|50px]] This user wants to live in {{{1}}}.
{{UB Country Wish|<Country>|<Image>}}


The userboxes below show what languages a user knows and wants to know.

?? This user speaks a language as their first language.
{{UB Lang First|<Abbreviation>|<Language>}}
?? This user is fluent in a language even though it is not their first language.
{{UB Lang Fluent|<Abbreviation>|<Language>}}
?? This user is learning a language.
{{UB Lang Learning|<Abbreviation>|<Language>}}
?? This user would love to be able to learn a language!
{{UB Lang Want|<Abbreviation>|<Language>}}


The userboxes below show the nationality of a user.

This user is Algerian This user is Algerian.
{{UB Algerian}}
This user is American This user is American.
{{UB American}}
This user is Australian This user is Australian.
{{UB Australian}}
This user is Brazilian This user is Brazilian.
{{UB Brazilian}}
This user is British This user is British.
{{UB British}}
This user is Canadian This user is Canadian.
{{UB Canadian}}
This user is French This user is French.
{{UB French}}
This user is German This user is German.
{{UB German}}
This user is Greek This user is Greek.
{{UB Greek}}
This user is Irish This user is Irish.
{{UB Irish}}
This user is Israeli This user is Israeli.
{{UB Israeli}}
This user is Italian This user is Italian.
{{UB Italian}}
This user is Japanese This user is Japanese.
{{UB Japanese}}
This user is Mexican This user is Mexican.
{{UB Mexican}}
This user is a New Zealander This user is a New Zealander.
{{UB New Zealander}}
This user is Norwegian This user is Norwegian.
{{UB Norwegian}}
This user is Puerto Rican This user is Puerto Rican.
{{UB Puerto Rican}}
This user is Scottish This user is Scottish.
{{UB Scottish}}
This user is Spanish This user is Spanish.
{{UB Spanish}}
This user is South Korean This user is South Korean.
{{UB South Korean}}
This user is Welsh This user is Welsh.
{{UB Welsh}}


These userboxes give some general information about a user.

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{{UB Age|<Age>}}
Rover Series Art 2D.png This user's gender is undisclosed.
{{UB Gender|<Gender>}}
color This user's favorite color is color.
{{UB Fav Color|<Color>}}
Wall clock.png This user's time zone is UTC−00:00.
{{UB Timezone|<Timezone>}}
Blanca NH Character Icon.png This user shares their birthday with {{{1}}}.
{{UB Bday Shared|<Villager>|<Species>|<Personality>|<Date>}}
{{{7}}} This user's birthday is between {{{1}}} and {{{4}}}.
{{UB Bday Between|<Villager 1>|<Species 1>|<Personality 1>|<Villager 2 >|<Species 2>|<Personality 2>|<Date>}}

Social Media[edit]

These can be used to show what social media an editor uses.

Facebook Icon.png This user has a Facebook profile.
{{UB Facebook}}
Twitter Circle Icon.png This user has a Twitter account.
{{UB Twitter}}



These give information about a user relating to playing Animal Crossing games.

Kid Cat NL.png This user is a superhero.
{{UB Super|<Type>}}
{{{1}}} This user's town is called {{{1}}}.
{{UB Town Name|<Name>}}
Blanca NH Character Icon.png This user's favorite villager is <please enter a villager name>.
{{UB Fav Villager|<Villager>}}

Fish and Bugs[edit]

These userboxes describe a user's fish and bug collecting preferences.

Player 7 NH.png This user is a bug fan. This user stands in flowerbeds for fun!
{{UB Fan Bug}}
Bug NH Icon.png This user's favourite bug is the {{{1}}}.
{{UB Fav Bug|<Bug>}}
UB LFav Bug.png This user's least favourite bug is the {{{1}}}.
{{UB LFav Bug|<Bug>}}
Player 3 NH.png This user is a fishing fan. This user smells like fish!
{{UB Fan Fishing}}
Fish NH Icon.png This user's favorite fish is the {{{1}}}.
{{UB Fav Fish|<Fish>}}
UB LFav Fish.png This user's least favorite fish is the {{{1}}}.
{{UB LFav Fish|<Fish>}}


The userboxes below name some of a user's favorite things in Animal Crossing games.

Shovel CF Icon.png This user uses a normal shovel.
{{UB Tool|<Tool>|<Type>}}
Minimalist Chair HHD Icon.png This user is a furniture fan. This user will stop at nothing to get the full set!
{{UB Fan Furniture}}
Furniture NH Inv Icon.png This user's favorite furniture series is the {{{1}}}.
{{UB Fav Series|<Furniture Series>}}
Umbrella NH Inv Icon.png If this user were an umbrella, this user would be the {{{1}}}.
{{UB Fav Umbrella|<Umbrella>}}
Gyroid PG.png This user's favorite type of gyroid is the {{{1}}}.
{{UB Fav Gyroid|<Gyroid>}}
K.K. Slider CF Icon.png This user's favorite K.K. Slider song is {{{1}}}.
{{UB Fav Music|<Song>}}

Fan of Characters[edit]

These userboxes show what Animal Crossing characters the user is a fan of.


{{UB Fan Blathers}}
{{UB Fan Booker}}
{{UB Fan Celeste}}
{{UB Fan Copper}}
{{UB Fan Pelly}}
{{UB Fan Pete}}
{{UB Fan Phyllis}}
{{UB Fan Tortimer}}


{{UB Fan Brewster}}
{{UB Fan Shrunk}}
{{UB Fan Frillard}}
{{UB Fan Gracie}}
{{UB Fan Harriet}}
{{UB Fan Redd}}
{{UB Fan Katrina}}
{{UB Fan Kicks}}
{{UB Fan Labelle}}
{{UB Fan Lloid}}
{{UB Fan Lyle}}
{{UB Fan Mabel}}
{{UB Fan Redd}}
{{UB Fan Sable}}
{{UB Fan TandT}}
{{UB Fan Tom Nook}}


{{UB Fan Blanca}}
{{UB Fan Chip}}
{{UB Fan Cornimer}}
{{UB Fan Don}}
{{UB Fan Gulliver}}
{{UB Fan Farley}}
{{UB Fan Joan}}
{{UB Fan K.K. Slider}}
{{UB Fan Resetti}}
{{UB Fan Nat}}
{{UB Fan Pascal}}
{{UB Fan Phineas}}
{{UB Fan Serena}}
{{UB Fan Saharah}}
{{UB Fan Snowman}}
{{UB Fan Wendell}}
{{UB Fan Zipper T.}}


{{UB Fan Kapp'n}}
{{UB Fan Rover}}
{{UB Fan Villager|<Villager>}}