Welcome Horizons

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#95 Welcome Horizons  
Welcome Horizons NH Texture.png
Live Performance
Main appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese みんなあつまれ
Simplified Chinese 大家集合吧
French Horizons nouveaux
Spanish Nuevo horizonte
Italian Nuovi orizzonti
Russian Светлые горизонты

Korean 모두 모여봐요
Traditional Chinese 大家集合吧
Quebec French Horizons nouveaux
Latin American Spanish Nuevo horizonte
German Neue Horizonte
Dutch Welkome horizon

"Welcome Horizons" is a K.K. Slider song in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It was first performed live during the Splatoon concerts at the Nintendo Live 2019 event in Kyoto.[1] It is the only original K.K. Slider song to be added in New Horizons.

"Welcome Horizons" is a rendition of the title theme for New Horizons. It can first be heard in-game playing from a tape deck outside of Resident Services during the bonfire party to celebrate the first night living on the island. Tom Nook will give the resident representative an aircheck after K.K. visits the island and performs for the first time. Other players on the island will receive it directly from K.K. Slider himself, who will always play the song upon attending his show for the first time. The song can also be heard in Pocket Camp, on the Portable Radio furniture item from the Island Excursion Invite Set.

The track features heavy usage of brass instruments, ukulele, and maracas, with bongos and accordions also present, along with a tambourine being shaken, giving off a tropical vibe.

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese みんなあつまれ
Min'na atsumare
Everyone, get together

Korean 모두 모여봐요
Modu moyeobwayo
Everyone, get together

Simplified Chinese 大家集合吧 (iQue)
Dàjiā jíhé ba
Everyone, get together

Russian Светлые горизонты
Svetlyye gorizonty
Bright horizons

Dutch Welkome horizon

German Neue Horizonte New Horizons

European Spanish Nuevo horizonte New Horizon

European French Horizons nouveaux New Horizons

Italian Nuovi orizzonti New Horizons