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Language Name Meaning

This template allows putting information about the foreign names of article subjects and their respective meanings in that languages into an article. This template should follow the Trivia section of a page:

|JapM=chestnut people

The language's abbreviation and M (for Meaning) are parameters for this template. For Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, an additional abbreviation + R (Romanized) can be used. The following languages are currently supported:

  • Jap (JapM / JapR) - Japanese
  • Spa (SpaM) - Spanish
  • SpaA (SpaAM) - NOA Spanish
  • SpaE (SpaEM) - NOE Spanish
  • Fra (FraM) - French
  • FraA (FraAM) - NOA French
  • FraE (FraEM) - NOE French
  • Ger (GerM) - German
  • Ita (ItaM) - Italian
  • Kor (KorM / KorR) - Korean
  • Chi (ChiM / ChiR) - Chinese
  • Dut (DutM) - Dutch
  • Por (PorM) - Portuguese
  • Ara (AraM) - Arabic