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Japanese Unknown

Korean Unknown

Simplified Chinese Unknown (iQue)

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Unkn. / Unkn.

Arabic Unknown

Russian Unkown

Dutch Unkown

German Unknown

European Spanish Unknown

Latin American Spanish Unknown

European French Unknown

Quebec French Unknown

Italian Unknown

Portuguese Unknown

Template documentation (view)

This template displays the foreign names of article subjects and their respective meanings. It is usually placed at the bottom of the page following the trivia section.


Each language has a base parameter and an M (meaning) parameter. Languages that do not use the latin alphabet also take an R (romanization) parameter. The following languages are currently supported:

ja, ja-r, ja-m
Japanese name, romanization, meaning
ko, ko-r, ko-m
Korean name, romanization, meaning
zh, zh-r, zh-m
Chinese (simplified) name, romanization, meaning
Chinese (traditional) name
zhq, zhq-r, zhq-m
Chinese (iQue player) name, romanization, meaning
ar, ar-r, ar-m
Arabic name, romanization, meaning
ru, ru-r, ru-m
Russian name, romanization, meaning
nl, nl-m
Dutch name, meaning
de, de-m
German name, meaning
es, es-m
Spanish (European) name, meaning
esl, esl-m
Spanish (Latin American) name, meaning
fr, fr-m
French (European) name, meaning
frq, frq-m
French (Quebec) name, meaning
it, it-m
Italian name, meaning
pt, pt-m
Portuguese name, meaning


| ja   = クリボー
| ja-r = Kuribō
| ja-m = chestnut people